Join a G3 - Small Group Grant Gatherings

The Dean of Faculty Office invites you to join small group grant gatherings to help you make progress in the grant development process. These groups are intended to help faculty developing  a proposal for submission in a year or two, although some may be planning to submit earlier.

In Summer 2022 we initiated Small G3s on following funding topics: 

  • Fulbright supports research and teaching opportunities for US citizens in over 130 countries 
  • Humanities and Humanistic Social Sciences — sessions will focus on NEH’s Summer Stipend and Fellowship Programs and the ACLS
  • National Science Foundation — sessions will focus on LEAPS (Launching Early-Career Academic Pathways – Mathematical and Physical Sciences), with recent LEAPS grantees Beth Malmskog and Adam Light

It's not too late to join one of these G3s! Please complete the G3 Sign-up Form below.

Moving forward I would like to establish Small G3s on the following funding topics:  

  • Ford Foundation Fellowships supports faculty in a wide variety of research-based disciplines who are “well prepared to use diversity as a resource for enriching the education of all students” 
  • National Institutes of Health — sessions will focus on NIH fundamentals 
  • National Science Foundation Mid-Career Advancement program
  • Short-term Fellowships — first session will include an introduction on how to learn more about short-term fellowships and common elements in fellowship applications.  Tess is seeking faculty with experience with short-term fellowships to share their experiences and recommendations.

CC faculty with experience with the funder or topic in question are warmly invited to participate in order to provide encouragement and recommendations.

To join a G3 (or to support a G3 as an experienced faculty member), please complete the G3 Sign-up Form.

Small G3 groups may wish to form a SWARG through the Crown Faculty Center for support in the 2022-2023 academic year.  SWARGs will receive ongoing funder-focused support from the Office of the Dean of Faculty and benefit from an informal exchange of proposal drafts, one of the best practices to develop a successful proposal.

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