Outreach to Tenure-Track Faculty Candidates

I am happy to meet with tenure-track candidates in person or via Zoom to discuss the kinds of support faculty have in their pursuit of external funding for their scholarly work and creative production. These meetings are ~ 30 minutes and cover the following topics:

  • I’m explicit that my role in the hiring process is not evaluative
  • We discuss their research or creative work briefly so I better understand the kinds of support they may need
  • I provide background on me (years at CC, work with all faculty/divisions)
  • Context for faculty grant activity
    • ~20 applications per year,
    • # of active research grants, ~10 active NSF awards/subawards
    • 10-year avg of 36% funded
    • 10-year annual avg of ~$700K
  • Where to find more information about CC’s internal funding for research
  • Overview of in-house and external grants training/programming
  • How we might work together:
    • Grants Orientation Session in first year
    • Meet/develop EGP in second year
    • SEGway program to support strategic activities in the lead up to a grant proposal
    • If in the sciences, perhaps first submission after one or two summers of pilot data
    • It may make sense to apply (and resubmit) only once every few years
  • I’d rather they know what their options are well in advance and choose not to apply than to discover too late that they have missed a deadline
  • (some) Benefits of grant activity
    • articulating the significance of one’s work
    • improving internal grant applications
    • summer salary and sabbatical salary
    • collaborations/network building
  • Faculty Handbook – grant activity as part of “scholarly activity” in the tenure review process

While my preference is to meet one-on-one (in person or via Zoom), I am considering offering this session as a videotaped recording. If you would prefer this as an option for your candidates, please reach out and let me know. ~ Tess





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