Diplomacy Lab

Colorado College has recently joined a network of ~60 colleges and universities in the U.S. Department of State's Diplomacy Lab program.

“Students participating in Diplomacy Lab explore real-world challenges identified by the Department and work under the guidance of faculty members... This initiative allows students to contribute directly to the policymaking process while helping the State Department tap into an underutilized reservoir of intellectual capital.”

We invite CC faculty to participate in this partnership.


Twice a year, in the spring and in the fall, the U.S. State Department will share a list of potential research projects that they have compiled from requests from embassies and consulates around the world. Faculty at partner universities then review this list and submit a brief “bid” if they would like to lead a student team on a project the following semester. Research can be conducted as part of a course, seminar, or as an independent project. Note: no funding is provided to conduct the research, however the Department of State is invested in the successful completion of these projects and seeks to collaborate with faculty and students.

Research Project Examples

The Project Menu for projects to be conducted in the Fall 2024 semester included approximately 70 research projects. Below is a sampling of project titles:

  • Research Impacts of Coco Legalization: Bolivia, Peru & Colombia
  • Facilitating (Energy) Adaptation in Africa
  • Trust in Travel Info in the ChatGPT Era
  • Social Media and Democracy in Latin America & Caribbean
  • V is for Voting: Electoral Systems in the Americas
  • Economic Valuation of Wildlife and Wild Spaces

How to Participate

1) Review the menu of projects for Fall 2024

2) Identify if any are of interest for the following semester

3) Submit a "bid" of approximately 200 words.

Include the Project ID as well as a brief description of how the chosen research project will be conducted. Briefly explain the proposed approach/methodology. If the project will be conducted during a class, include a reference to the Block Plan, as that will not be known by the reviewers.

If you plan to involve a third-party in the research process, note that in your bid, but please refrain from engaging in discussions with the third party until they can be vetted by the U.S. Department of State's Office of Global Partnerships.

Next internal deadline: Wednesday, March 6, midnight.

Submit “bid” to CC’s external Diplomacy Lab point of contact: Tess Powers

Please include “Diplomacy Lab Bid” in your subject line

Tess will compile all CC bids and submit to the Department of State by their deadline of March 8.

Next Steps after Bidding

If your bid is accepted, you will be partnered with a member of the Department of State in order to fulfill the research project as you proposed to conduct it.

Internal coordination of active bids - such as ensuring students sign appropriate paperwork - will be handled by CC's internal Diplomacy Lab point of contact, Marla Patanelli in Political Science.

Alternative Options

If you are unable to submit a bid in time for the March 8 or your bid is not accepted, the Office of Global Partnerships offers flexible ways to still engage with unclaimed projects. Please reach out to  Tess Powers  and include “Diplomacy Lab” in your subject line.


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