Creativity & Innovation at Colorado College


Mission: C&I supports, cultivates, and amplifies creative teaching and learning across campus. 


Goal: To provide students with multiple opportunities, within and outside of classes, to develop the essential building blocks of creativity, which include:  

  • Tolerance of ambiguity 
  • Openness to new experiences and different perspectives 
  • Willingness to risk failure to explore possibilities 
  • Ability to find unexpected connections between concepts across domains and disciplines.

We do this by collaborating with faculty to integrate creative thinking and creative problem-solving activities into classes across divisions and by working directly with students in curricular and co-curricular contexts.


Creativity & Innovation’s approach emphasizes creative thinking processes instead of original products. Unlike skill acquisition or content proficiency, creative development rarely follows a linear path.  C&I utilizes a multi-pronged, campus-wide approach that reaches students directly through our work with faculty to develop discipline-specific exercises and assignments and through our non-curricular programs. When students are exposed to creativity-building pedagogies in multiple contexts, they are better able to integrate creative thinking practices into new situations.


Our initiatives reconnect students with their innate curiosity and cultivate their capacity for the kind of possibility thinking that transforms uncertainty into multiple options for creative thought and action.  As the world becomes increasingly more complex, students will need to step outside of what is already known in order to effect positive change in the world. 

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