Writing and Editorial

In the daily rush to communicate - posting fresh web content and meeting print project deadlines - sometimes the written word can suffer or the overall strategy can get lost in favor of "just getting it done." Unfortunately, when strategy, spelling, grammar, syntax, or style are neglected, the message gets muddied and an organization can lose credibility.

The Communications Office is here to help with editing, writing, and creative communications. Working in conjunction with college offices and clients, we are available to help plan and execute a wide variety of written content projects to serve the needs of the college community. We can help you brainstorm, strategize, plan, write, edit, and prepare for the production of promotional and marketing communications and advertisements. These can take the form of brochures, postcards, websites, e-mails, or whatever you can dream up.

Contact us

For assistance with writing and/or editing, please contact the Office of Communications at 389-6603 or email Jennifer Kulier, editorial director, at jkulier@coloradocollege.edu or Laurie Laker, writer, at llaker@coloradocollege.edu.

Colorado College Editorial Style Guide

This guide answers questions about standardizing punctuation and usage according to adopted Colorado College style. For questions not covered in this section, consult the "Associated Press Stylebook" or "Webster's Collegiate Dictionary."

Report an issue - Last updated: 06/16/2022

The Office of Communications and Marketing is located on the 4th floor of Spencer Center, at 830 N. Tejon St.

We can be reached via telephone at 719-389-6603 or via email at communications@​coloradocollege.edu