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CC in the News

Colorado College Making 'Real Effort' to Become More Diverse (The Hechinger Report, 4/8/15)

Ryan Banagale's Gershwin Book Prominently Highlighted (The Boston Globe, 1/23/15)

Lisa Hughes' Mean Girls Half-Block Course Featured (New York Post, 1/19/15)

CC Basketball Team Featured on 'Making a Difference' (NBC Nightly News, 12/18/14)

What University Presidents are Reading (Christian Science Monitor, 12/15/14)

Paul Maruyama's Book Highlights WWII Aftermath for Some Japanese
(The Gazette, 12/8/14)

Geological Discovery by Christine Siddoway Highlighted (The Gazette, 10/30/14)

Nonprofit Aims to Redistribute Food, Reduce Hunger (TODAY, 10/28/14)

Fruits of Students' Labor Available to Public (The Gazette, 7/29/14)

FAC's Gift a Treasure for CC (Independent, 7/23/14)

Airbnb's Brian Chesky Cites Colorado College (starts at 53:30 on YouTube, 6/29/14)

Mirror Image: The New Way to Self-Esteem; Tomi-Ann Roberts (Women in the World Summit, 4/3/14)

Tomi-Ann Roberts: What Are We Telling Our Daughters? (Women in the World Summit, 4/3/14)

The Big Idea Battle (The Gazette, 4/2/14)

Students' Food Rescue Efforts Praised (JDSupra Business Advisor, 4/1/14)

CC Professors Receive $500,000 Grant to Study Soil Bateria (The Gazette, 3/16/14)

Sleep Placebo Works for Partner, Too (Salon, 2/9/14)

David Mason '78 Reviews Book About E.E. Cummings (Wall Street Journal, 2/7/14)

Sleep Placebo Research Covered on Good Morning America (Good Morning America, 1/27/14)

Believe It: You Slept Well (The Atlantic, 1/24/14)

The Power of Positive Thinking/Sleeping (The Independent, United Kingdom, 1/23/14)

Tom Cronin Discusses Presidential Term Limits in Op-Ed Piece (The Washington Post, 1/3/14)

CC President Presents 'Building on the Block' to C.S. Community (The Gazette, 12/9/13)

Bowed Piano Ensemble's Last New York Performance (The New York Times, 10/25/13)

Walt Hecox Honored for Lifetime Achievement in Conservation (The Gazette, 10/08/13)

'Off Topic' Radio Show Makes Listeners Think (The Gazette, 10/6/13)

David Mason's Four-Year Road Trip (High Country News, September 2013)

$168 Million Worth of Pizza, Planners, and Parents' Visits (CSBJ, 9/9/13)

A College, A Meal, A Community (The Gazette, 9/7/13)

Andrew Dunham: Humans Unable to Accept Inevitability of Fire (The Denver Post, 9/01/13)

Intern Helps Bayou Preservation Association Improve Watersheds (The Rancher, 8/11/13)

Brian Linkhart's 33 Year Study of the Flammulated Owl (The Gazette, 7/28/13)

CC, UCCS Husband and Wife Team Net NFS Collaborative Grant (The Gazette, 7/9/13)

New University in Canada Uses the CC Block Plan as a Model for a New, Innovative Public University (Chronicle of Higher Education, 7/8/13)

Jill Tiefenthaler Leads Colorado College into the Future (The Gazette, 7/1/13)

CC Visiting Instructor Eric Shaw Wins an Emmy Award (The Denver Post, 6/17/13)

Michael Kerwin '92 Examines 'Cheating Epidemic' in Perspective Piece (The Denver Post, 6/2/13)

New CD by Susan Grace Lauded in Review (Gazette, 5/28/13) 

Education in the Liberal Arts: CC's New Education Major Profiled (Inside Higher Ed, 5/24/13)

Summer Options for International Students (U.S. News & World Report, 5/23/13)

Economics Professor Dan Johnson Discusses CEO Severance Pay with Steve Forbes and The Wall Street Journal's Steve Moore (Fox Business, 4/26/13)

From Israel to Colorado Springs: A Profile of Ofer Ben-Amots (Intermountain Jewish News, 4/11/13)

President Tiefenthaler's Op-Ed on Value of Liberal Arts Education Published (The Hechinger Report, 4/10/13)  

CC's Quony Cup is Soccer Cancer Fundraiser that Keeps Giving (Gazette, 4/5/13)

Dana Wittmer's Article on Women in Politics Cited (New York Times, 3/22/13)

Joan Ericson Reflects on 'Voices From Japan' (The Independent, 3/20/13)

Religious Fundamentalism in Military Worsens (State of Belief, 3/11/13)

Report Highlights Ongoing Separation of Church, State Problems (Americans United, 3/6/13)

Jim Parco Discusses Religion in the Military (Huffington Post, 3/5/13)

Colorado College, Air Force Academy Collaboration Noted (Chronicle of Higher Education, 2/25/13)

CC Survey Shows Conservation is Central to Branding Colorado (The Denver Post, 2/24/13)

Walt Hecox: Protection of Public Lands an Economic Imperative (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/7/13)

Western Voters View Public Lands as an Asset (Denver Post, 2/7/13)

CC Moves Four Spots to Sixth Place on Peace Corps Volunteer List (Washington Post, 2/6/13)

Tom Cronin Discusses Presidential Leadership (CBS News Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood, 1/20/13)

Veterans Tell Elite Colleges: 'We Belong' (Chronicle of Higher Education, 1/7/13)

Anne Hyde Writes About Defining Learning Expectations (Inside Higher Ed, 12/21/12)

Student voting trends, patterns analyzed (Chronicle of Higher Education, 11/8/12)

School of Rock (Outside magazine, 10/26/12)

Steve Sabol '65, Force Behind NFL Films, Dies (The New York Times, 9/18/12)

Laura and Shawn Sears named “Difference Makers” for Vida Verde (Christian Science Monitor, 8/31/12)

Forbes focuses on educational outcomes; CC lands in top 30 schools (Gazette, 8/2/12)

History professor Anne Hyde talks TV, history, and the real Old West (Foreign Affairs, 8/15/2012)

Mark Hatch discusses admission demographics, competition (Inside Higher Ed, 5/25/12)

‘Bully,’ documentary by Cynthia Lowen ’01, reviewed in The New Yorker (The New Yorker, 4/12)

President Jill Tiefenthaler discusses liberal arts education at Lafayette College conference (Inside Higher Ed, 4/11/12)

Gov. Hickenlooper targets water conservation, dams for Colorado River (Denver Post, 4/11/12)

Ken Salazar, secretary of the interior, discusses Christo's 'Over The River’ project (Huffington Post, 4/10/12)

Ken Salazar, Secretary Of Interior, Talks Climate Change, Fracking, Energy Issues At Colorado College State Of The Rockies Conference (Huffington Post, 4/9/12)

U.S. Interior Secretary Salazar: Protect planet while using resources (San Jose Mercury News, 4/9/12)

CC students offer suggestions to help save the Colorado River Basin (Denver Post, 4/8/12)

Meredith Ballard ’12 interviewed by The Hechinger Report (The Hechinger Report, 4/8/12)

Gazette cites importance of Colorado College to local community (Gazette, 3/26/12)

Professor Anne Hyde wins prestigious Bancroft Award (Denver Post, 3/14/12)

"Professor has a surprisingly accurate formula for predicting Olympic medal results" - Economics professor Dan Johnson predicts Olympic medal count (National Post, 3/13/12)

"The U.S. Should Clobber the World in London" - Economics professor Dan Johnson predicts Olympic medal count (Wall Street Journal, 3/12/12)

"Professor has a surprisingly accurate formula for predicting Olympic medal results" - Economics professor Dan Johnson predicts Olympic medal count (Canadian National Post, 3/13/12)

"U.S. Athletes to Win Most Olympic Golds in London, Economic Model Predicts" - Economics professor Dan Johnson predicts Olympic medal count (Bloomberg, 3/11/12)

President Tiefenthaler discusses impact of state public cuts on higher education (Insider Higher Ed, 3/8/12)

Zac Podmore ’11 describes four-month river research journey (Huffington Post, 2/28/12)

CC senior’s economics class assignment published as an op-ed (Gazette, 2/22/12)

"President's class is a lesson for her and students about how the college works" - President Tiefenthaler teaches a class on the economics of higher education (Inside Higher Ed, 2/20/12)

"Colorado College president's double duty benefits class" - President Tiefenthaler teaches a class on the economics of higher education (Denver Post, 2/19/12)

"Coloradans' support for conservation remains strong" - The State of the Rockies Project (Denver Post, 2/19/12)

Bob Loevy extols merits of Block Plan in Canadian paper (The Journal, 1/19/12)

CC Professor Tom Cronin discusses unemployment and Obama in the Christian Science Monitor (Christian Science Monitor, 12/2/11)

CC Career Center Director Geoff Falen discusses internships in Chicago Tribune (Chicago Tribune, 11/4/11)

"Best Evidence Yet for Dinosaur Migrations" - Geology professor Henry Fricke and students in National Geographic (National Geographic, 10/27/11)

"Dinosaur may have migrated seasonally" - CC professor and students in the Los Angeles Times (LA Times, 10/27/11)

Geology professor Henry Fricke talks with CNN about dinosaur research (CNN, 10/26/11)

In defense of liberal arts education - President Jill Tiefenthaler in the Denver Post (The Denver Post, 10/24/2011)

Political science professor John Gould's new book "The Politics of Privatization" mentioned by The New Republic (The New Republic, 8/23/11)

Psychology professor Tomi-Ann Roberts weighs in on the sexualization of young girls (CNN, 8/19/11)

From Popcorn to President: Jill Tiefenthaler (The Big Something, 8/18/11)

Career Center Director Geoff Falen Discusses On-campus Recruiting (Wall Street Journal, 8/5/11)

President Tiefenthaler profiled (Colorado Springs Independent, 8/4/11)

Assistant Professor of Sociology C.J. Pascoe weighs in on humiliation revelers (NPR, 8/1/11)

The Most Hipster Colleges (, 7/14/11)

CC is Co-Founder of National Collegiate Hockey Conference (7/13/11)

NSO Book “Ludlow” by Prof. David Mason Featured in Chronicle (Chronicle of Higher Education, 6/26/11)

David Mason Remembers Patrick Leigh Fermor (Wall Street Journal, 6/18/11)

John Collins Rudolf '01 Blogs About CC's 'Greenness' (New York Times, 4/25/11)

John Simons Discusses Western Film Genre (USA Today, 2/16/11)

Laura Hershey '83 Championed Disability Rights (Denver Post, 11/28/10)

Not the "Hook" Admissions' Mark Hatch Had in Mind (New York Times, 10/29/10)

History Professor Anne Hyde's Opinion Piece in The New York Times (New York Times, 10/27/10)

CJ Pascoe Interviewed by Wall Street Journal Regarding Gay Students’ Suicides (Wall Street Journal, 9/30/10)

"You're Majoring in What?" Two CC Professors Cited in Chicago Tribune (Chicago Tribune, 8/28/10)

CC Farm Profiled in Magazine (Ag Journal, 8/28/10)

High School Counselors Put CC on Parade Magazine's College A-List (Parade, 8/22/10)

Psychology Professor Kristi Erdal Discusses Superstition Research (New York Times "Well" Blog, 7/28/10)

CC Professor David Mason Named Colorado Poet Laureate (Colorado Public Radio, 7/6/10)

USGS Director Marcia McNutt Quietly Wages 'Fearless' War on Oil Spill (New York Times, 6/16/10)

CC's Career Center's Geoff Falen Discusses Networking (CBS News, 5/13/10)

'An Online Alias Keeps Colleges Off Their Trail' (New York Times, 4/23/10)

Pulitzer Prize Winner Puts Modern Mark on Political Cartooning (PBS NewsHour, 4/23/10)

Colorado College Recognized for its Green Efforts (USA Today, 4/20/10)

Professor David Mason Featured on PBS NewsHour (PBS, 4/1/10)

Students Volunteering on Spring Break Make Texas Television News (KFDA, 3/22/10)

Newsweek Reviews Dan Johnson's Medal Predictions (Newsweek, 3/2/10)

Dan Johnson's Medal Predictions Prove Golden (Calgary Sun, 2/28/10)

Professor Tom Cronin Quoted in New York Times (New York Times, 2/19/10)

Dan Johnson and the Hidden Side of Everything (Freakonomics; New York Times, 2/16/10)

Bloomberg Cites Dan Johnson's Medal Predictions (Bloomberg, 2/15/10)

'Most Reliable Authority Available:' Dan Johnson (USA Today, 2/14/10)

Dan Johnson, 'Uniquely Qualified to Prognosticate' (Newsweek, 2/12/10)

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson CC '86 Subject of Profile (Globe and Mail, 1/23/10)

Reuters Runs Dan Johnson's Olympic Medal Predictions (Reuters, 1/22/10)

Canadian Television Runs Story about Dan Johnson's Olympic Predictions (CBC National Television, 1/19/10)

Economics Professor Dan Johnson Featured in Forbes for Olympic Medal Predictions (Forbes, 1/19/10)

Toronto Sun Features Canadian-born Dan Johnson's Olympic Medal Predictions (Toronto Sun, 1/19/10)

Political Science Professor Tom Cronin Quoted in USA Today (USA Today, 1/18/10)

CC Economics Professor Aju Fenn Analyzes Price of Vikings Fandom (Wall Street Journal, 1/16/10)

Democrats' Rocky Mountain High Takes a Tumble in Colorado (Los Angeles Times, 1/12/10)

Colorado College Featured in National Survey of Student Engagement (New York Times, 1/03/10)

Colorado College Fosters Political Careers (Colorado Statesman, 12/18/09)

Predock Arts Center at Colorado College Earns LEED Gold Certification (Chronicle of Higher Education Buildings & Grounds Blog, 10/19/2009)

Muslim Cartoonist Tackles Social and Political Issues (Denver Post, 10/17/09)

Road Trip: Colorado College (U.S. News & World Report, 8/19/09)

CC Economics Professor Discusses Energy Proposal (Washington Post, 5/26/09)

2009 Guide to Women's Studies (Ms. Magazine, Spring 2009)

'Civic Generation' Rolls Up Sleeves in Record Numbers (USA Today, 4/14/09)

NOAA Chief Believes in Science as Social Contract (New York Times, 3/24/09)

'This Beautiful City,' Researched by CC Students, Opens (New York Times, 2/23/09)

Athletes and Colleges Feel a Recruiting Pinch (New York Times, 1/13/09)

The Child Trap: The Rise of Overparenting (The New Yorker, 11/17/08)

City Should Play Up its Global Relations, Outdoors (The Gazette, 11/09/08)

Tough Times Strain Colleges Rich and Poor (New York Times, 11/07/08)

Democrats Enlist Students in Enemy Territory (Financial Times, 10/21/08)

Carle: 33 -season mainstay at CC (The Denver Post, 10/21/08)

The changing face of the sports fan (Sports Illustrated, 10/08/08)

Avoiding the "Freshman 15" (KXRM, 9/16/08)

Following the Kids to College (New York Times, 8/22/08)

Walsh: Utah's Senators are Too Gung-Ho About Oil Shale (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/07/08)

Why the Calendar Matters (New York Times, 7/27/08)

How Gender Affects Posture (Leonard Lopate Show, WNYC Public Radio, 11/07/07)

Rock Hill's Schock Shares Nobel Prize (Sullivan County Democrat, 11/02/07)

Historians Question Bush’s Reading of Lessons of Vietnam War for Iraq (New York Times, 8/22/07)

Open Piano Ensemble Entertains at Colorado College (Chronicle of Higher Education, 7/16/07)

Time Runs Out on Date (New York Times, 7/11/07)

She's Got a Date and Only 72 Hours to Prepare (New York Times, 7/9/07)

A look at Colorado artist Mary Chenoweth (Denver Post, 6/15/07)

Heroic Labor (Washington Post, 4/29/07)

Media Cited for Showing Girls as Sex Objects (USA Today, 2/20/07)

Sexualized Girlhood Tied to Mental, Physical Risks, Report Says (Bloomberg, 2/19/07)

Sewing Circles (NBC "Today" show, 1/24/07)

This City Knows the Drill (Los Angeles Times, 1/19/07)

Students Play SRK, Village Lights Up (TV report, CNN-IBN (India), 1/10/07)

Professor's Marks Rising (Ottawa Citizen/, 1/6/07)

Refugees Find Haven at Colorado College (Chronicle of Higher Education, 12/23/06)

Circling Back to Sewing (Time, 11/27/06)

Electronic Voting Machines are Making Officials Wary (New York Times, 9/24/06)

Lopez Obrador Hailed as Mexico's `Legitimate' Leader at Rally (Bloomberg, 9/16/06)

The Washington Monthly College Rankings (Washington Monthly, September 2006):

Jostling for an edge in the 5th (Denver Post Perspective section, 8/6/06)

Leveled Colorado District Creates an Election Lab (New York Times, 8/5/06)

20 Colleges Worth a Trip: Off the Beaten Path (New York Times, 7/30/06)

Batter Up! Sports economics hits field (USA Today, 7/27/06)

Terror and Presidential Power: Bush Takes a Step Back (New York Times, 7/12/06)

Kirchner Calls on Congress to Give Up Budget Powers (Bloomberg, 7/12/06)

Harrowing Denali whiteout halts CC climbers from reaching summit (The Gazette, 7/7/06)

Auteur speculates on the strange death of Edgar Allan Poe (Denver Post, 6/29/06)

Mexican Business Group's Ads Urge Staying Course on Economy (Bloomberg, 6/27/06)

The Nation: Who's This 'We,' Non-Soldier Boy? (New York Times, 6/26/06)

Music festival is fountain of treats (Denver Post, 6/25/06)

Words of wisdom for 2006 grads (The Christian Science Monitor, 6/14/06)

Making sense of global warming: Downhill slide ahead? (USA Today, (6/5/06)

A Hothouse for Female Scientists: Small colleges, big results (Chronicle of Education, 5/5/06)

Links to 2006 State of the Rockies Report Card and Conference Coverage

Civilians Rein Over U.S. Military by Tradition and Design (New York Times, 4/16/06)

Give Manual students a chance (Denver Post, 3/16/06)

U.S!: Resurrecting Upton Sinclair (National Public Radio's Weekend Edition, 3/11/06)

Cosmic Log: Olympic Gold for Economists (, 2/27/06)

New Brew: Coffee shop encourages community (The Gazette, 2/11/06)

U.S. record medal haul? It wouldn't be surprise (, 2/10/06)

Cosmic Log: Dismal Science at the Olympics (, 2/10/06)

CC prof putting science in step with art of motion (The Gazette, 12/31/06)

35 Years of Intense Learning: CC students say block plan immerses them in subjects; professors say it creates bonds (The Gazette, 11/7/05)

Skirting the Political Divide: Democrats outnumber Republicans among college presidents, but both sides see pitfalls in partisanship (The Chronicle of Higher Education, 11/04/05)