First-Year Program Mentors

The First-Year Program Mentors are one of the cornerstones of the First-Year Program. Hired on an annual basis, Mentors are each individually paired with an incoming cohort of first-year students and provide ongoing social and emotional support throughout the entire academic year. Each first-year student is assigned an FYP Mentor at the beginning of the year according to whichever CC100 & CC120 course pairing they are enrolled in.

Mentors always make themselves available as resources to their cohorts, and will often meet regularly on an individual or group basis with their cohort of students. They can introduce them to resources around campus, connect them with events going on around campus, and generally provide support as first-year students make the transition into life at Colorado College.

Each Spring, mentors are hired for the following academic year, and the Office of Academic Programs will make a public call for applications. In order to serve as a First-Year Program Mentor you must be an upperclassman in good academic standing. The position is often highly competitive so it is recommended that potential applicants have experience working in peer mentorship, as a resident assistant (RA), or other positions which require strong interpersonal communication skills.

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