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Student Community

Spring 2021 Student Events

Block 5: Feb 4, 1-2pm

Getting Started: An Overview of the IDM Thesis


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Block 6: March 4, 1-2pm

Developing a Thesis Proposal


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Block 7: April 1, 1-2pm

After The Thesis: Journal Submissions, Conferences, and Graduate School Applications

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Block 8: April 29, 1-2:30pm

IDM student thesis presentations


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Class of 2022

Lily Epstein
IDM Title: Africana Philosophy
Advisors: Jonathan Lee (Philosophy) & Michael Sawyer (REMS & English)

Min Pan
IDM Title: Asian American Studies
Advisors: Emily Chan (Psychology) & Christiane Steckenbiller (German Program)

Isa Hussain
IDM Title: Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies
Advisors: Nadia Guessous (Feminist & Gender Studies) & Yogesh Chandrani (Religion)

Class of 2023

Sunderland Baker
IDM Title: Public Health Science
Advisors: Manya Whitaker (Education) & Anthony Bull (Human Biology & Kinesiology)

Ann-Claire Lin
IDM Title: Contemplative Neuroscience
Advisors: David Gardiner (Religion) & Lori Driscoll (Psychology)

Noah Kane
IDM Title: Marketing Communication Studies
Advisors: Jane Hilberry (English/Innovation) & John Mann (Economics & Business)

Adele Matter
IDM Title: Genetic Epidemiology and Society
Advisors: Vanessa Munoz (Sociology) & Olivia Hatton (Molecular Biology)

Madison Dillon
IDM Title: Performance Design
Advisors: Marie Davis (Theater and Dance) & Rachel Paupeck (Art)

Fer Juárez Duran
IDM Title: Astrobiology
Advisors: Christine Siddoway (Geology) & Darrell Killian (Molecular Biology)

Peyton Wright
IDM Title: Journalism, Media, and Law Studies
Advisors: Steven Hayward (English/Journalism) & Douglas Edlin (Political Science)

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