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Winter Start/Gap Year Study Abroad Program Petition

Welcome to Colorado College! We look forward to welcoming you into our academic community. If you choose to take part in a credit-bearing study abroad program before you join us, you may have questions about how those credits will transfer to Colorado College, and if the program you have chosen to participate in meets Colorado College guidelines for study abroad programs. This form is designed to help you know in advance what kind of credit you will obtain at Colorado College for your proposed international academic experience before you join us.

When choosing a study abroad experience for the time between your high school graduation and your start date at Colorado College, students are encouraged to select from the list of pre-approved options on the Winter Start - Ideas For the Fall page. These programs have been reviewed by the Colorado College International Studies Committee, as well as by the Admissions Office, to offer constructive high-quality learning opportunities for students, with some options offering full credit, some offering partial credit, and some (volunteer opportunities) not bearing credit towards Colorado College. You do NOT need to complete this petition form if you choose one of the pre-approved programs.

If the suggested programs listed for Winter Starts do not meet your goals, you may petition the committee for advance approval of another opportunity, if desired. Please read the attached form carefully, answer it as thoroughly as you can, and let us know if you have questions about the process. Petitioning in advance is not required; it is offered as a convenience if you are trying to determine how best to spend your fall semester or gap year. Students who intend to participate in a particular credit-bearing program whether or not the credits ultimately transfer in to CC may choose to wait until they matriculate at CC and then have the transcript from their winter start / gap year accredited university sent to the CC Registrar's Office for determination of eligible credits. 

As you select a program to participate in, if you are looking to earn credits that may be acceptable by CC, keep the following standards for off-campus study at CC in mind. Keep in mind that 4 U.S. semester credits = 1 block unit of credit at CC.

Your proposed program should:

  • Be offered by a U.S. or foreign accredited, degree-granting institution of higher education, or an educational organization.
  • Provide a cross-cultural experience, with significant opportunities to interact with the host culture (not just general exposure).
  • Provide specific instruction devoted to expanding international perspectives and offer significant opportunities to use discipline-specific skills in an international setting.
  • Offer a curriculum that reflects or utilizes the resources of the area to a considerable degree.
  • Provide significant opportunities to advance knowledge of a foreign language if the program is based in a non-English speaking country. 

The study abroad programs that are approved for credit for Colorado College students are selected for their high academic quality and for their compatibility with the Colorado College curriculum. The College’s approval of programs is guided by the following principles:

  1. Study abroad programs should provide a serious academic experience, comparable in rigor to the academic program at Colorado College.
  2. Study abroad programs should present unique opportunities for learning not available at Colorado College.
  3. Study abroad programs should provide a high-quality learning environment: they should be appropriately staffed, have well-developed health, safety, and emergency procedures; and provide strong student support services. 

Completed petitions may be submitted to:

Heather Powell Browne, Assistant Director of Off-Campus Study
Colorado College International Programs
14 E. Cache La Poudre
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
(719) 389-6918