Each major should consult with program advisors to insure coherence and proper preparation for a proposed senior project.  Topics courses taught by regular faculty and by visitors will be added to the list if they enhance the program for majors, with approval from the Southwest Studies Faculty Advisory Committee.

Southwest Studies Elective Courses

Southwest Studies

SW200 Chicana Feminisms: Theories and Praxis. 1 unit (Rios)

SW200 Voices from the Desert. 1 unit (Crawford)

SW200 Chicanx and Latinx Studies. 1 unit (Guerra)

SW211 Southwest Autobiography and Self-Representation. 1 unit (Roybal)

SW220 Environmental Justice in the Southwest. 1 unit (Roybal)

SW251 The Drug War. 1 unit (Guerra)

SW259 Ritual and Medicine of the Southwest. 1 unit (Guerra)

SW310 Archives of Power. 1 unit (Roybal)

SW322 Borders and Borderlands. 1 unit (Guerra)



Cross-listed Elective Courses



SW200/AN242/RM242 Anthropology of Food. 1 unit (Montaño)

SW100/AN100 Human Being. 1 unit (Ingram)

SW308/AN308 Climate and Human Behavior. 1 unit (Ingram)

SW320/AN320 Field Archaeology 1 unit (Ingram)


Environmental Studies

SW301/EV301 Political Ecology of the Southwest. 1 unit (Perramond)

SW352/EV352 Waters of the West and Southwest. 1 unit (Perramond)


Organismal Biology and Ecology

SW100/BE100 Forest of the Colorado Front Range. 1 unit (Snyder)

SW202/BE202 Field Botany. 1 unit (Jabaily)

SW208/BE208 Ecology. 1 unit (Linkhart)

SW300/BE362 Desert Plant Biology. 1 unit (Heschel)

SW303/BE367 Animal Ecology. 1 unit (Linkhart)

SW410/BE410 Ornithology. 1 unit (Linkhart)



HY217 American Frontiers. 1 unit (Kohout)



SW200/MU228 Musical Tapestries of the American Southwest. 1 unit (Carrizo)




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