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Southwest Studies 2017-18 Course Grid

InstructorBlock 1Block 2Block 3Block 4Half BlockBlock 5Block 6Block 7Block 8
Crossley, Phil      SW200 Topics in Southwest Studies: Geospatial Analysis for a Better World  
Ebersole, Jim SW208 Ecology       
Gay-Antaki, MiriamSW301 Political Ecology of the SouthwestSW200 Topics in Southwest Studies: Water, Environment and Society SW272 Nature, Region and Society of the Southwest  SW200 Topics in Southwest Studies: Water, Environment, and Society SW301 Political Ecology of the Southwest
Guerra, SantiagoSW175 The Southwest: An IntroductionSW401 Senior Capstone Project: Reporting the WestSW259 Ritual and Medicine of the Southwest
SW390 Indep Rsch in Southwest Studies: Field Study in Linguistic Barriers in Education in Colorado Springs
 SW200 Topics in Southwest Studies: Oral History and Qualitative Interview MethodsSW322 Borders and Borderlands
SW390 Independent Research in Southwest Studies: Native Film
SW401 Senor Capstone Project: Reporting the West
SW395 Junior Research SeminarSW401 Senior Capstone Project:
SW259 Ritual and Medicine of the Southwest
Heschel, Shane       SW300 Advanced Topics in Southwest Studies: Plant Ecology 
Ingram, Scott SW320 Field Archaeology       
Jabaily, Rachel        SW202 Field Botany
Leonard, Eric        SW250 Regional Studies: Past Climates & Human History in the Southwest
Levine, Vicki     SW291 Southwest American Indian Music   
Linkhart, BrianSW303 Animal Ecology
  SW208 Ecology SW208 Ecology  SW410 Ornithology
Popkin, Eric SW257 Globalization and Immigration on the U.S.-Mexican Border       
Pulley, Natanya  SW200 Topics in Southwest Studies: Native American Literature      
Rios, Nancy        SW102 Place, Space and the Southwest
Roybal, KarenSW102 Place, Space and the SouthwestSW220 Environmental Justice in the SW SW337 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Chicana/o Literature SW401 Senior Capstone Project:SW273 Southwest Arts & CultureSW310 Archives of Power 
Ruiz, Carrie SW308 Topics in Southwest Studies: Song, Poetry and Performance in the Southwest       
Snyder, Marc SW200 Topics in Southwest Studies: Forest Ecology of the Colorado Front Range     SW208 Ecology