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Major/Minor Requirements

Philosophy of the Major

The Colorado College Psychology Department teaches basic and enduring principles of psychology rather than current fashions seen in the popular media. These basic principles, which include the scientific method, quantitative analysis, and biological bases of behavior, have served our students well over the years. A strong background in the natural sciences and mathematics in high school is highly recommended. Students wishing to continue their education in psychology, whether it is in clinical psychology or a related discipline, or in an academic or applied setting, are required to have a strong background in research methods and quantitative analysis. Those not interested in an advanced degree will find that the department's major provides essential tools for living in an increasingly complex society. In addition to traditional course work, majors are encouraged to pursue research projects with departmental faculty.

Steps to Declare the Major

  1. Complete an Introduction to Psychology course: PY100 or PY101 (FYE) or PY111 (FYE).
  2. Complete the Research Design course: PY202.
  3. Review the requirements for the major, including the research experience (PY451 / PY251) requirement, and the CC Honor Code.
  4. Print and complete the Predeclaration Checklist.
  5. Use the Registrar's Change of Advisor form to request an advisor from the Psychology Dept. Faculty.
  6. Print and complete the Registrar's Declaration of Major form.
  7. Have the Psychology Paraprofessional take your picture.
  8. Submit your completed Predeclaration Checklist and Declaration of Major form to the Psychology Department Chairperson.

Course Sequencing

See Requirements for the Psychology Major for a description of effective course sequencing.

A Note to Transfer Students

Transfer students wishing to major in psychology at The Colorado College may encounter significant obstacles in fulfilling the requirements for the major. Because the major is currently in such high demand, most of our classes are filled by the end of pre-registration in the spring (see notes on points bidding system). Thus, incoming transfer students will find it difficult to get into (any of the) courses that they need for the major when they arrive in the fall, forcing them to postpone taking psychology courses for a year. This is especially problematic for students transferring to the college after their sophomore year, because they will be forced to take almost all of their required courses during their senior year. If you are interested in transferring to the Colorado College, we recommend that you complete both an introductory and a research design course in psychology at your present institution, and one or two courses comparable to those in the Psychology Core (Neuroscience, Abnormal, Lifespan Developmental, Personality, Social, Cognition, or Learning & Adaptive Behavior). Contact the Chairperson of the department for more information.