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Mission Statement:

Consistent with the liberal arts tradition, the Psychology Department at Colorado College is dedicated to providing an academic program that helps students develop the necessary skills and knowledge for achieving an intellectually-enriched life, preparing them for both graduate studies and professional work. The Psychology Department provides broad coverage of academic psychology, emphasizing empirical research literature and a scientific understanding of human and non-human animal behavior.

Psychology majors are expected to obtain methodological competence in a variety of research techniques, which are introduced in statistics and research design and elaborated in the upper level courses. Ethical responsibility is inherent in psychology, both in the treatment of research participants (human and non-human) and in the preparation of academic and professional work. Psychology majors are expected to understand and uphold this ethical responsibility. Psychology majors acquire a knowledge base in core areas of psychology, with an expectation for depth of inquiry in advanced study. Psychology majors are expected to demonstrate effective oral and written communication and to show critical evaluation of assumptions and evidence regarding psychological phenomena.

Valuing Our History

Liberal Arts and Sciences in Academia: A Case Study and Tribute (Yost, Weir-Parker, Towns, 2022)

 Psychology Department History

Early Diversity History in the Psychology Department (Booklet Format)

Early Diversity History in Psychology

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