Philosophy Grant Application

The Philosophy Department is happy to encourage majors to pursue projects of a philosophical character that support or extend beyond our curriculum. The Department has a small fund available to Philosophy and History-Philosophy majors to support such student philosophical work. Examples of projects that may be funded include ones involving research, travel to conferences, publication, and philosophical events or lectures.

Majors may apply here for funding of up to $250 per project. Priority will be given to first-time applicants and applicants nearer to graduation. Applications will be reviewed as soon as possible - though depending on the time year, the review process may take as long as four to six weeks.

Note that because resources are very limited meritorious projects may nevertheless not be supported or may be only partially funded. The Department encourages students to seek support from the offices of the Dean, Provost, and President, among others. Before applying, we advise students to consult their major advisor or the Chair.

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