Linnemann Lecture Series

Timothy Linnemann (Class of '91) was a Biology major at Colorado College, an outdoorsman, environmental activist, and a member of the EnAct student group.


During the summer between his junior and senior year, 1990, Tim went to San Francisco to take a course in genetics at Berkeley. His younger brother joined him there and they took off on a camping trip on the way back to Colorado College. In southern Nevada, Tim died in a car accident. His friends from Colorado College gathered at his home in Cincinnati for his funeral, and, on returning to school, planned a memorial garden as a quiet study area and outdoor classroom between Shove Chapel and Olin Hall, dedicated to his memory. Andy Fahlund, Steve Miller and Kai Kauppi among others, were instrumental in making this happen.

Tim's parents, Calvin and Patricia Linnemann, and his sister and brother, Cathy and Mark Linnemann, established the Timothy C. Linnemann Memorial Lecture on the Environment "in memory of Tim's lifelong interest in the environment and his love of Colorado College." This is given each year in conjunction with Earth Week. A dinner is held at the time of the lecture to bring together students and faculty who are involved in environmental activities at Colorado College



List of lecturers who have given the Timothy C. Linnemann Memorial Lecture on the Environment:

Year Speaker



Meriwether Hardie ‘09


Communities, Food Systems, and Conservation: Learnings from working with land and people around the globe


Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer

The Honorable Harvest: Indigenous Knowledge For Sustainability


Dr. Ivette Perfecto

Agroecology in the American Tropics including both Ecology and Social/Environmental Justice


Dr. Diana Liverman

Climate Change and Sustainable Development: how can we limit global warming, reduce climate risks, and achieve global goals for development?


Dr. Julian Agyeman

Just Sustainabilities: Re-imagining e/quality, living within limits


Jenn Vervier

New Belgium: Brewing up Corporate Social Responsibility for over 25 Years



Elizabeth Kolbert The Sixth Extinction


James Balog The Art of Chasing Ice
2014 Dr. Jane Lubchenco National and International Policies: What Works and What's Broken?

Andrew Fahlund

Resurrection: The Elwha River and the Past, Present, and Future of Restoration in the American West


Winona LaDuke

Economics for the Seventh Generation: The Environment,

Economics and Thinking Beyond Empire


Dr. Dan Chiras

The Monkey Trap: Can the Human Race Survive

the Human Race?


Annie Leonard (Dec. 3, 2009)

Captain Paul Watson (April 22, 2010)

The Story of Stuff

Ocean Conservation


2009 Dr. Robert Bullard Environmental Justice For All
2008 Dr. Edith Widder, Director of the Ocean Research and Conservation Association Secret Lights in the Sea: The Underwater World of a Deep Sea Explorer
2007 Dr. Timothy Killeen, Director of NCAR The Future of Planet Earth and Its
Inhabitants: Our Imperfect Crystal Ball
2006 Dr. Lyn Margulis, University of Massachusetts Our Misnamed Planet: Evolution in this Watery World
2005 Dr. Wes Jackson, President of The Land Institute The Necessity and Possibility of an Agriculture where Nature is the Measure
2004 Dr. Sylvia Earle: "Her Deepness",
Marine biologist, oceanographer
Sustainable Seas: The Vision, The Reality
2003 Dr. David Foreman: Founder of Earth First! and Director, The Wildlands Institute Rewilding North America
2002 Dr. Vandana Shiva: Director, Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology Earth Democracy
2001 Mr. Andrew Fahlund: Director American Rivers Restoring our Dammed Rivers
2000 Dr. Marilyn Waring: Professor, Massey University Counting for Something -
Valuing the Environment
1999 Mr. Floyd E. Domini, former Commissioner Of the BLM, and Mr. David Wegner, Director Glen Canyon Institute Drain Lake Powell??
1998 Dr. Carolyn Merchant: Professor of
Environmental History and Philosophy
University of California, Berkeley
Environmental History and
1997 Mr. Ed Marston: Publisher, High Country News Public Land and Natural
Resource Issues
1996 Ms. Catherine Sneed: Director, The Garden Project Agro-Economist
1995 Dr. Philip Fearnside: Professor, National Institute for Research in the Amazon Rainforest Biology
1994 Dr. Helen Caldicott: Founder, Nuclear Policy Research Institute Physicians for Social Responsibility
1993 Mr. Randy Hayes: President Rainforest Action Network
1992 Ms. Winona La Duke Native American Women's Network
1991 Mr. David Phillips Earth Island Institute


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