Priority: Creativity & Innovation at CC

Creativity & Innovation at CC seeks to empower all students with the creative confidence to be changemakers by integrating creative problem-solving, mindfulness, reflection, self-awareness, productive risk-taking, and collaboration into curricular and co-curricular programs. Students are equipped with the tools to bring ideas into action, even as they undoubtedly face failure along the way. C&I is based on the understanding that innovation occurs culturally, socially, and personally, rather than exclusively in the business and tech worlds.   

Through the Building on Originality campaign, donors have provided resources that enable students across the college to approach their work with creativity and curiosity, become comfortable with risk, and practice productive failure. An early gift from CC life trustee Bob Selig ’61 and Meryl Selig provided foundational support and established the first-ever Chair in Innovation. Since then, C&I has flourished. In fact, C&I programming and concepts have been incorporated across 177 blocks and nearly 300 class sessions since 2016, totaling more than 4,000 student engagements. Creativity and Innovation grants, designed to empower students and faculty to investigate ambiguous questions and solve real-world problems, have funded numerous student and faculty projects. Made possible by a gift from CC trustee Sam Bronfman and Kelly Bronfman P’10, P’19, the Bronfman Scholar-In-Residence brings professionals who embody creativity and innovation to campus to teach and connect with students and faculty in various settings. The inaugural residency is held by Felicia Rose Chavez, an award-winning author specializing in antiracism and decolonization. 

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