Vision and Mission

Dialogue strives to be a beacon of philanthropic leadership, applying the liberal arts spirit into impactful community change. We aim to engage students and the broader CC community in meaningful ways, create opportunities for community members to become aware of philanthropy on and off campus. Additionally, we encourage community participation in fundraising activities overtime, build a culture of philanthropy on campus, and build a greater sense of community and social responsibility at CC.


Dialogue seeks to amplify the philanthropic voices of the Colorado College community. Through collaboration with student's, alumni, parents and families, faculty,  and external partners, we aim to create a culture of giving. By intertwining the essence of a liberal arts education with dedicated community involvement, we aim to establish initiatives that lead to lasting impacts.

Student Philanthropy: An initiative to immerse students in the culture of giving, fostering a lifelong commitment to community involvement and philanthropic leadership.

Philanthropic Learning: A unique blend of education and action, designed to introduce students to real-world philanthropic challenges, driving personal growth and tangible societal impact.

Philanthropic Collaboration: A partnership model that encourages voices from both inside and outside Colorado College to join forces, addressing critical societal needs through philanthropic endeavors.

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