Content Types

Content types are tools to help web authors break up, emphasize, and organize content in a more engaging manner. Below are examples of each Content Type available for CC's website.

Standard Web Page Content

Your standard text box. You can also add images, videos, hyperlinks, google calendars, and basically anything you can upload to or embed into Cascade. This is also where you would create tables for course grids or schedules. If you are copying and pasting something into here, make sure to first paste it in a generic text editor like NotePad or TextEdit. Copying and pasting directly from your email or Word document causes some weird things to happen as random bits of formatting code get added on. We are working on a way to make this not happen, but in the meantime please paste in NotePad or TextEdit beforehand. Alternatively, you can turn on "paste as text" which is located under "edit" in the top right of your text box toolbar in Cascade (this will remove most formatting styles such as bold or italics as well as any tables you have created).

Accordion card-style

This is the content that is hidden until clicked. This is also a standard text box that you can insert links, images, videos, and embedded content.

show all / hide all

Accordion text-style

Text-style does not allow you to insert icons from Font Awesome nor is there an option to have colors as card-style does.

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Card Deck

Card Deck Label

Further text inside

This was the "CC - Card Deck" widget in dotCMS.

While you can cram as much stuff as you want in here, beware there's a lot of formatting with card decks that we cannot control. Card decks also make for a great template for reusable content.

also keep this short

You add everything that you could add in the standard content container. Obviously, this is a much smaller space, so it's recommended that you don't add anything larger/more complex than a logo image or simple picture. The WES logo is a good example.


card icons make things fun

You'll need to make a separate card deck content container if you want to have different colors or have another row. It is not recommended to have card decks contain the bulk of your text information or images, but rather to highlight something important such as contact info, mission statement, or office hours.

Forms (PLEASE use Clive)

To set up a clive form, contact the web paraprof. We HIGHLY discourage using third-party embedded forms because those always get lost and become inaccessible when the person who made that form leaves CC.

News Listing - Side-by-side style

News Listing - Full-width style

Photo Gallery

Profile Listing

Assistant Professor
Kristine Lang
She, Her, Hers
Professor, Chair
(719) 389-6821 | Barnes #223


Use the accordion content type instead

this is quite clunky 

Unless you're really insistent on having the choice of the show/hide indicator

I guess having options is fun

The editing text box here gets cluttered really quickly

This makes editing in the future quite cumbersome

Just use the accordion. it's so much easier

I promise it'll save you time and frustration

Side-by-side text content

Left Content.

You can also have 1/3-2/3 split. That can be used to create more detailed profiles/bios with a small image.

Right Content (shows side-by-side when there is no sidebar on the page). If inserting images or videos, make sure to constrain the portions so that they're the same size. It looks really funny otherwise.


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