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    Web Author Community

    Welcome to the web author community at Colorado College!  If you manage content for CC websites, this is your source for information, training, tip sheets, and the opportunity to discuss issues and ask questions of other CC web authors.

    Looking to use the newest template?

    Email the web communications paraprofessional at to set up a meeting on how to convert your pages. Some great examples of recently converted sites:

    Please also refer to the new template Example Site to view available layout options and widgets.

    Latest How-To Tip:

    Resize images before uploading to dotCMS
    Excluding background/banner photos, it’s best to resize photos to smaller than 800 pixels (width) by 800 pixels (height) before uploading. If your page has photos that have been uploaded to dotCMS at a large pixel size (e.g., 2000px by 3000px), your webpage will load slowly because of the photo size; even though you may have set the photo to display at a smaller size, the page will still load the original file size.

    On a Mac

    • Open the image in "Preview" 
    • Click the "Tools" Menu and then click "Adjust Size..."
    • In the "Image dimensions" dialog box that appears, type in the desired width in pixels, or percentage, which will then adjust the height to scale proportionately. Make sure that "Scale proportionally" is checked
    • Click OK and save your image

    On a PC

    • Open the photo in "Paint"
    • Click the "Resize" button in the "Home" tab
    • In the "Resize and Skew" dialog box that appears, adjust the size in percentages or pixels. Make sure "Maintain aspect ratio" is checked
    • Click OK and save your image

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    Lo Wall '19
    Web Communications Paraprofessional