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Why teach in Stroud Scholars?

  • Meaningfully contribute to college access, educational equity, and antiracism
  • Opportunity to co-teach, building relationships between CC and high school educators
  • Participate in a collaborative teaching community, receiving support and resources in course design from Stroud Scholars curriculum committees
  • Get better connected to and foster your sense of community and place in the Pikes Peak region
  • Broaden your teaching portfolio with an opportunity to teach a new class and group of students
  • Opportunity to incorporate college access, preparation, and/or pedagogy into your research agenda 



A signature component of the program is a three-week residential summer experience at Colorado College each summer that will include courses in quantitative reasoning (first summer focus on data interpretation) and writing skills. These courses will be developmentally appropriate and aimed at enabling success in high school toward long-term academic preparation for college.

Stroud Scholars will take both courses in the morning (1.5 hours each) from July 12-30, 2021. Courses will be co-taught by one CC educator and one educator with high school teaching experience (12-month staff of Colorado College are not eligible.), each bringing assets necessary to the course - disciplinary knowledge, academic and developmental expectations of rising sophomores, classroom management, and foundational understanding of skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in a college classroom.

For consistency and developmental intentionality of the 3-year Stroud Scholars curriculum, curriculum committees are co-designing core learning goals of courses:

Writing Course Learning Goals (draft)

Quantitative Reasoning Course Learning Goals (draft)

To Apply:

Applications for the 2021-2022 school year are closed.


Questions to Prepare for Interest Form

So that you may prepare your responses beforehand, please see below for the questions asked in the application Interest Form.

Form Instructions: Please briefly respond to the following short-answer questions. This is just the start of the conversation! We expect each response to be around 2-3 sentences; however, feel free to use as much space as you feel necessary.

  1. Goals, Interest in the Position: Why are you interested in teaching Stroud Scholars? What do you hope to gain, and what do you hope to contribute?
  2. Experience: What experiences qualify and prepare you to teach in Stroud Scholars? Please include teaching experience, experience working with high-school-aged youth in and outside of the classroom (if any), and experience with college access initiatives (if any).
  3. Academic Background, Interests: Share more about your academic background, including teaching and research interests. How do your academic interests intersect with the learning goals of the Stroud Scholars course you would like to teach?
  4. Diversity and Inclusion: Colorado College is working to become an antiracist institution. Share your understanding of and commitment to inclusivity and antiracism; how will you embody these principles in the classroom with a diverse student population?

You will also be asked to email a CV or resume (pdf) to 


Selection Process and Timeline:

  • February 26th: Deadline to submit interest form
  • March 5th: Applicants will receive notice about next steps if they will advance to the interview phase
  • March 5th – March 19th: Selection Process and interviews
  • By March 26th: Selected applicants will be notified
  • March 31st: Applicants must confirm acceptance of position
  • April 1st: Training and preparation process begins 


If you have any questions, please email Jim Burke at 

Download this PDF to read about Expectations, Compensation, and the Selection Criteria and Process.

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