The Stroud Scholars Program

The Stroud Scholars program honors the legacy of two of the earliest African-American students to graduate from Colorado College, siblings Kelley Dolphus Stroud '31 and Effie Stroud Frazier '31, who persevered through discrimination yet excelled in education and in their lives.

Stroud Scholars prepares students for selective college environments by working directly with high promise youth to provide academic preparation, mentorship, and guidance navigating admissions and financial aid processes to CC and beyond. Students successfully completing the three-year college preparatory program will earn admission to Colorado College and receive a financial aid package that will enable them to attend.

The program offers a developmental pathway beginning the summer after a student's first year of high school and ending with a successful transition into Colorado College or another intentionally chosen college or university. For three summers, at no cost to the youth or their families, Colorado College will host youth on our campus for three weeks. During this time, participants will focus on cultivating quantitative reasoning and writing skills. Participants will also engage in programming designed to help them prepare practically for the college admissions and financial aid processes. Lastly, the program will support participants holistically to thrive in college by helping them build a strong foundation of hard and soft skills, broaden their aspirations and confidence, and connect them to a supportive community of peers and mentors. Knowledge and skills gained during the summer experience will also be supported and furthered through a series of academic year programs.

Each year, we will accept 25 rising sophomores from the Pikes Peak Region. Each subsequent year, we will continue to support those students accepted into the program as well as accept a new cohort of rising sophomores. In this way, we will continue to expand the program year-by-year.

Want to Nominate a Student?

Do you know a highly talented and intellectually curious student you think would be a good part of the Stroud Program? Check back later this fall for a link to nominate them for the program!

Interested in Applying?

Are you a student who is interested in joining the Stroud Program?

Visit our application webpage to learn more about the selection process and timelines. If you have further questions about the program, email us at

The Stroud Scholars Summer Experience

Summer 2022 Program Dates: July 11th-July 29th

In the mornings, participants will take two academic enrichment courses - one cultivating writing skills, one cultivating quantitative reasoning skills. These courses will be aimed at enabling success and thriving in high school as well as becoming academically prepared for college.

In the afternoons, participants will engage in critical inquiry seminars, designed to engage youth in intriguing, relevant topics that foster critical thinking skills and expose them to the types of thinking, academic investigation, and classroom environments they are likely to experience in college. These afternoon sessions are intended to pique interest and cultivate a love of life-long learning.

After classes, participants will engage in enrichment activities designed to build cultural and social capital that will equip young people to thrive in the college environment. These activities will also build a sense of community and belonging among the students in the program, deepening their support networks and self-confidence.

Summary of Program Offerings

No-cost three-year summer program beginning with rising sophomores

Three weeks in length

Residing on campus during the week, participants have the option of living at home on weekends

Two core college readiness courses: quantitative reasoning and composition

Critical inquiry workshops and enrichment activities in the afternoons

Academic year workshops to prepare youth and their families for admissions and financial aid processes

Yearlong mentorship and guidance from students, staff, and faculty

Youth who successfully complete the program will earn admission to Colorado College with comprehensive financial aid packages

Program Benefits

  • Free summer college preparatory program
  • Potential to earn admission to CC
  • Pathway to earn significant college financial aid and scholarships
  • Supports academic, intellectual, social, and practical college preparedness
  • Exposure to and familiarity with the college experience
  • Participation in enrichment activities to build cultural and social capital
  • Connection with mentors: college students, faculty, and staff
  • Opportunity to belong to a cohort of highly motivated and engaged peers and a community of learners
  • Holistic and ongoing support throughout the academic year, including workshops, mentorship, and advising

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