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Mika_PhotoName/Grad Year: Mika Alexander '23 (She/Her)

Position: 2021 Summer RA

Hometown: Skokie, Illinois

Major: Anthropology

Why I wanted to be a part of Stroud: As a first-gen, low-income college student of color, programs like this are incredibly important to me. Because of this, the Stroud Scholars program seems like such a nurturing and empowering environment to be a part of!

Favorite thing about CC: The block plan!

One piece of advice I'd give to high schoolers: Taking risks, especially during your college search, can lead to amazing opportunities! Don't be afraid to reach out to people and places you think will help you in the future. 



Name/Grad Year: Jordan Bates ‘23 (he/him)

Position: 2021 Summer RA

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Major: Chemistry (minors in Education and REMS)

Why I wanted to be a part of Stroud: I remember first reading about Stroud and being amazed at how much was being offered to the scholars. As a Black person, the fact that Stroud is all in the name of two spectacular Black individuals is particularly heart-warming, and as someone who is invested in equitable education, Stroud represents an educational opportunity that is so amazing and rare and beautiful. I knew that I had to be a part of it in whatever way I could.

Favorite thing about CC: Campus Activities has been giving out a lot of free stuff recently, and I'm a huge fan of not paying for things.

One piece of advice I'd give to high schoolers: Keep a journal. It's a great way to learn more about yourself, and looking back is a good reminder that you can always change.



Name/Grad Year: Jessa Granata '23

Position: 2020 Academic Year Mentor, 2021 Summer RA

Hometown: Pueblo, Colorado

Major: probably Psychology

Why I wanted to be a part of Stroud: I am so passionate about its mission! There are so many intelligent, creative, hardworking students out there who would excel in college, but face barriers due to their circumstances. This is a loss to us all, but especially to those individuals.

Favorite thing about CC: The amount of support and opportunities available

One piece of advice I'd give to high schoolers: Don't take things too seriously, you can make mistakes, learn from them, and come out alive.


Lonnell_picName/Grad Year: Lonnell Schuler '22 (right)

Position: 2021 Summer RA

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Major: Political Science

Why I wanted to be a part of Stroud: I wanted to be a part of Stroud because I was in a similar program in high school. The program not only helped me to better navigate high school, but it also gave me valuable insight inside into what college could be like and the experience I wanted to have in undergrad. I am thrilled to be able to do my part in increasing college access and assisting students in getting a better understanding of the undergrad experience.

Favorite thing about CC: My favorite thing about CC is the wild card because it covers tuition for one summer block. 

One piece of advice I'd give to high schoolers: Take care of your mental health! It is so easy to overlook your mental health when things are going well or when your busy, however, taking the time to learn specific things that can help you improve your mental help is also important. 




Name/Grad Year: Lindsey Smith '23
Position: 2021 Summer RA
Hometown: Camp Humphreys, South Korea & Colorado Springs, Colorado
Major: Molecular Biology
Why I wanted to be a part of Stroud: As a Colorado Springs native, I feel that I know the city by heart. I felt that I had the ability to connect with Stroud students as I would have definitely joined the program if I had known about it as a high schooler, and I went to Doherty High School (high school in Co. Springs). I want to get to know other people from the Colorado Springs area and be both a mentor and friend to ease the transition into CC and support you all in your journey to CC! 
Favorite thing about CC: I adore the staff and my peers. The CC community is accepting of who I am and I feel welcomed wherever I go.
One piece of advice I'd give to high schoolers: Try new things in college! I was so scared to use the e-bikes that Outdoor Education provides students to use, but once I biked with my friends I had so much fun that I decided I would buy my own bike to ride around campus. Also, don't stress about not having enough opportunities to get involved in/pick up! CC has SO many different clubs and programs for you to join, whether it is studying abroad, participating in speech and debate, or obtaining an internship. 
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