AliciaRose Martinez

Assistant Director, College Access Programs

(719) 389-6098

Why I wanted to be a part of Stroud: 

I wanted to be a part of the Stroud Scholars Program because I can see my high school self being a student who would have greatly benefited from the opportunities and experiences of the Stroud Program. I was fortunate to have worked with mentors who dedicated their time and resources in supporting me as a student and I would love to be able to pay that forward to another generation of leaders!

One piece of advice I'd give to high schoolers: 

Don’t try to involve yourself in everything at once! Pick one or two things to try or dedicate yourself to and take as much as you can out of those experiences. Give yourself grace to not be perfect and give yourself permission to say “No” and not over-commit to anything that spreads you too thin. Having the time and space to just sit there and do nothing is just as important for your mental health.


Richard Bishop

Administrative Assistant

(719) 389-6028

Why I wanted to be a part of Stroud:

I grew up in Colorado Springs and value the many different cultures and communities that exist here. I also believe that many local students that may not naturally find their way to Colorado College could really benefit from the liberal arts education provided as well be powerful voices for positive change and enhance the experience for other students.

One piece of advice I'd give to high schoolers:

Be true to yourself. Push your boundaries, make mistakes, and grow from your experiences - but don't let others define you.


Jim Burke

Director of Summer Session

(719) 389-6656

Why I wanted to be a part of Stroud: I wanted to be a part of the Stroud Scholars Program because I've worked with the amazing students and schools in Colorado Springs, and I hoped to bring more of these intelligent and engaged students into the Colorado College community.

One piece of advice I'd give to high schoolers: Try to get involved in something outside of class, whether volunteering, joining a team or club, or a part-time job- these opportunities build your independence and a foundation of skills you'll use in college and beyond.



Pilot Year Committees

Departmental Involvement

While the Stroud Scholars Program now lives in the office of Summer Session, the Collaborative for Community Engagement (CCE) co-led the design of the program and the launch of a 2020 pilot, along with a large group of campus collaborators. The pilot cycle was developed and implemented by a shared leadership structure with representation from CCE, the Office of Admission, Education Department, Sociology Department, and Summer Session. In our cross-campus committee structure we have representation from K12 educators, faculty from diverse academic departments (German, Math and Computer Science, Physics, Sociology, Education, Religion, and Psychology), the Writing Center, Quantitative Reasoning Center, Colket Center, First-Year Experience, Student Life, the Butler Center, Financial Aid, Housing, and Events.


Leadership team

Committee Members

Jim Burke


Director - Office of Summer Session

Dr. Jordan Travis Radke

Collaborative for Community Engagement

Director - Collaborative for Community Engagement

AliciaRose Martinez

Summer Programs and College Access Specialist - Office of Summer Session

Pedro Ramírez

Office of Admission

Associate Director of Outreach and Access

Richard Bishop

Administrative Assistant - Office of Summer Session

Deb Yazulla Mortenson

Department of Education

Director of Teacher Education Programs


Leadership Committee Structure


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