Preparing for Law School

Academic Preparation

The great news about law school is that there are no course prerequisites. Students can take any class and major in anything they want. Law schools like a diverse applicant pool, so they are not looking for one major. This is great news because that means you can study what interests you! This will also likely help with your GPA because your grades will typically stay high if you are studying what really interests you. Please make every effort to keep your GPA as high as possible. Law schools will scrutinize transcripts for types of courses taken, level and difficulty of courses, and grade trends.

While CC does not have a pre-law track or specific classes that must be taken before going to law school, there are some classes that will benefit you. Strongly consider a writing intensive class (or several) to get as much writing experience as possible. Also consider classes that develop skills in analytical reasoning, critical thinking, and written and oral communication.

Academic courses for the 2023-2024 year

Extracurricular Preparation

Law schools aren't looking for a particular kind of applicant. They are looking for a wide variety of students which will add depth to the class. With that said, law schools do look for leadership. Join a club on campus. Do an internship. Get involved in community service. Schools aren't concerned about the amount of experiences you have; they care that you are growing within an experience. For instance, aim to obtain an executive position in a club on campus. It's more important to be extremely involved with one or two clubs rather than just be a member of 37 clubs.


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