Applying to Law School

How do I apply to law school?


Applying early in the law school admission cycle may give you an advantage in admission and financial aid packages. The cycle typically opens anywhere from August to October, depending on the school. Law schools take applications as late as March, and sometimes even later. The majority of schools have their incoming class decided and deposited by May. Remember, the early bird gets the worm!

When to take the LSAT is a big consideration. The exam is offered several times a year - just about every month. Your score is good for five years after you take it. If you're not going to law school straight out of CC, consider taking the LSAT within a year of graduation. That way your head is still in study mode and you will hopefully make time to study.

If you want to take a break from studying, that's okay! Being refreshed is important too. We recommend taking the June or July LSAT the year before matriculation (first day of school). For instance, if you want to attend school in the fall, take the LSAT ~15 months beforehand. That way if something happens on test day (e.g. fire alarm, the flu, car accident, bad day) you can still take the test in September and be considered in the early application cycle.

Law School Admission Council

The LSAC website is where you will do just about everything related to your law school pursuit, including registering for the LSAT, researching schools, and actually applying. Get to know this site well. The Credential Assembly Service, or CAS, is an online application management system used by American Bar Association approved schools. Just about all ABA law schools will ask that you use this service to apply. Be aware that there are approximately $195 of fees associated with this site.

Candidate Referral Service

When you create an account with LSAC, you have the opportunity to sign up for the Candidate Referral Service or CRS. In doing this, you authorize the release of all your information (LSAT, GPA, demographic information) so that law schools and other organizations can contact you. This is a fantastic way to learn about law schools that you may not have considered.

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