Peer Consultants

Our peer consultants represent majors from nearly all departments on campus, so chances are good that one of them has experience writing in your discipline. They are highly trained, enjoy the challenges of working with writers at all stages in the writing process and uphold confidentiality about your work.

Please schedule an appointment with any of our peer consultants.



Abi Anderson

Political Science Major, 2026

Favorite Class: Intro to Comparative Politics
Writing Specialties: Argumentative writing, flow, organization, grammar
Clubs/Committees: Mock Trial Team, Law Society, CC Refugee Alliance



Aden KatzAden-Katz.jpg

Undeclared, 2026

Favorite Class: Critical Theory
Writing Specialties: Research organization and outlining
Clubs/Committees:  TWIT




Alex Spiezio (She/Her)Alex-Spiezio.jpg

English and Classics major, Education minor 2024

Favorite Class: The Moving Line
Writing Specialties: Creative writing, literary analysis, brainstorming
Clubs/Committees: Honor Council, FYP Mentor





Alex WeissIMG_1167.JPG

History & Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, 2024

Favorite Class: Topics in Religion: Mysticism
Writing Specialties: Primary Source Analysis, Creative Writing, Poetry




Alex Wollinka (She/Her)Alex-Wollinka.jpg

English major, 2024

Favorite Class: Chaucer's Canterbury Tales: The Continental Connection
Writing Specialties: Creative writing, proofreading
Clubs/Committees:  Cipher, Bridge scholar 




Alva Hamreteg (She/Her)Alva.jpg

Environmental Studies major, Political Science minor, 2025

Favorite Class: Environment and Society
Writing Specialties/Languages: Fluent in Swedish, flow, structure, word choice/syntax
Clubs/Committees: Zenith Ultimate Frisbee, FYP Mentor 



Anabel Shenk Anabel-Shenk.jpeg

English major, 2025

Favorite Class: Contemporary American Fiction
Writing Specialties/Languages: Analytical writing/essays, argumentative essays for humanitites disciplines, creative writing
Clubs/Committees: Bluegrass ensemble





Anders PohlmannAnders.JPG

Undeclared, 2025

Favorite Class: Introduction to Earth Systems
Writing Specialties: Outlining, flow, argument building, applications
Clubs/Committees: Wasabi Ultimate, RA in Loomis




Dakota HinmanDakota-Hinman.jpg

Undeclared, 2026

Favorite Class: Literature, Identity, and Power in the Mediterranean World
Writing Specialties: Organization, clarity, final polishing
Clubs/Committees: Questbridge Scholars Network



Diana BudaDiana-Buda.jpeg

Sociology major, Spanish minor, 2024

Favorite Class: Deviance and Social Control
Writing Specialties: Outlining/drafting, organization, clarity, polishing/revising, Spanish (all levels)
Clubs/Committees: Bridge Scholars program, SOMOS



Elena BergElena-Berg.jpeg

Psychology major, 2025

Favorite Class: Feminist embodiment of psychology
Writing Specialties: Can tutor level 100 and 200 Spanish writing
Clubs/Committees: SOSS





Emily Sulocha (She/Her)Emily-Sulocha.jpg

Psychology & English major, 2024

Favorite Class: Rewriting America: Playwrights and Cultural Identity
Writing Specialties: Brainstorming and polishing papers, literary analysis
Clubs/Committees: RA, NAMI on Campus, Cru     



Emma Langas Emma-Langas.jpeg

Sociology major, 2025

Favorite Class: Data Visualization for Social epidemology
Writing Specialties: Analytical writing, creative writing, structure
Clubs/Committees: CC Science, CREATE     





Henry Moraja (He/Him)Henry-Moraja.jpg

English major, German minor, 2025

Favorite Class: LGBTQ Social Movements
Writing Specialties: Brainstorming, grammar/syntax, and organization
Clubs/Committees: Blue Key Honor Society



Isabel Cody (She/Her)Isabel-Cody.png

Political Science major, 2025

Favorite Class: Politics, Relition, and the Secular
Writing Specialties: Flow, structure, polishing
Clubs/Committees: Zenith Ulitimate Frisbee







Jackson Kresse (He/Him)Jackson-Kresse.jpeg

History and Economics major, 2025

Favorite Class: The Midevil Imaginary
Writing Specialties: Flow, polishing essays
Clubs/Committees: Investment Club 





Leigh Rose Walden (she/her)Leigh-Walden.jpeg

Sociology, Computer Science majors, Journalism minor 2025

Favorite Class: Writing for Social Justice
Writing Specialties: Op-Eds, News Stories
Clubs/Committees: Clay Club, Catalyst Writer & Social Media Coordinator




Lila Garfield Lila-Garfield.png

Undeclared, 2026

Favorite Class: Sociology of Education
Writing Specialties: Creative writing/poetry, outlines/planning, polishing final drafts
Languages: Spanish writing and speaking
Clubs/Committees: Club soccer, club rugby, clay club


Lydia HussainLydia-Hussain.jpg 

Undeclared, Journalism 2024

Favorite Class: Food for Thought
Writing Specialties: Creative writing projects, polishing final drafts, and clarity
Clubs/Committees: Bridge Scholars



Mackenzie WagnerMackenzie-Wagner.jpeg

Feminist & Gender Studies major, French and Education minor, 2025

Favorite Class: Sociology of Education
Writing Specialties: Brainstorming, grammar and punctuation, analyzing structure of piece
Clubs/Committees: Asian Student Union, Bonner Fellowship, CC Refugee Alliance, Clay Club, Curriculum Executive Committee





Maggie Mixer (She/Her)MaggieM.jpeg

Political Science, 2024

Favorite Class: History of Modern South Asia
Writing Specialties: Flow, polishing essays
Clubs/Committees: Climbing team


Manar Othman (She/hers)MANAR_PASSPORT.jpg

Political Science major, Classics minor, 2024

Favorite Class: Shakespeare's Political Wisdom
Writing Specialties: Applications, academic papers
Clubs/Committees: Mock Trial club




Noor Issa 

Psychology major, 2025

Favorite Class: Stories of Us
Writing Specialties: Grammar, ESL, Arabic, Word Choice
Clubs/Committees: Bridge Scholars Program

Paige Kahle (She/They)Paige-Kahle.jpg

Education major, FGS minor, 2025

Favorite Class: Feminist Theory
Writing Specialties: Brainstorming, outlining, polishing, and paper anxiety
Clubs/Committees: Ellement, Arts & Crafts



Perrin KendallPerrin-Kendall.jpeg

Political Science, 2025

Favorite Class: Philosophy of Law
Writing Specialties: Flow, polishing, structure
Clubs/Committees: Blue Key, IMs



Tasha FinkelsteinTasha-Finkelstein.jpeg

English major, 2025

Favorite Class: Gender & the Gothic
Writing Specialties: Creative writing, literary analysis/close reading, organization, glow, clarity
Clubs/Committees: Cipher, Arts and Crafts, SoCC



Tyler Yung Tyler.jpeg

Environmental Studies major, 2024

Favorite Class: Waters of the West
Writing Specialties: Research and argumentative essays, brainstorming, revising
Clubs/Committees:  IM Hockey, Basketball 





Violet Datcu (She/Her)Violet.jpeg

Psychology, 2024

Favorite Class: Intro to Psychology
Writing Specialties:
Brainstorming, outlining, argumentative writing
Bridge Scholars Program



Willa SchendlerWilla-Schendler.jpg

History-Philosophy major, 2026

Favorite Class: Politics, Religion, and the Secular
Writing Specialties: Refining an argument, revising drafts, outlining/brainstorming, structure, flow, polishing
Clubs/Committees: Cipher Magazine, Sounds of Colorado College




Zoey RouecheZoeyRoueche.png

Environmental Studies and Political Science major, French minor, 2024

Favorite Class: Anything to do with the intersection of politics and the environment
Writing Specialties/Languages: Career/professional applications, critical analysis writing, and general
editing for diction, flow, organization, etc. Speak a little French
Clubs/Committees: FYP Mentor, Girl's Club soccer team, Blue Key Honor Society, student rep on the
Advisory Leadership Team

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