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How to Prepare

Welcome to the Writing Center! Getting ready to visit is easy:

  • Gather any and all course materials pertaining to the assignment (syllabus/prompt, outlines, notes, sources, any drafts, professor comments).
  • Don't worry what you do or don't have doneā€¦.anything is better than nothing, and we're not expecting polished drafts.
  • Consider what questions you have about the writing assignment or writing at CC.
  • Plan to show up on time. Appointments start on the hour. If students are late, there's a strong chance that someone will snag that appointment, especially during Block 1.
  • If you can't make it, cancel in a timely manner
  • Remember that ALL types of students visit the Writing Center, not bad writers.

During the consultation:

  • Articulate what has worked in the past for your writing.
  • Be ready to interact with the consultants. They can't just edit your writing for you.
  • Take notes on your own writing as you discuss the prompt/draft, but don't be afraid to ask the consultant to write things down.
  • Remember that if you ask for grammar help, we will help, but we will also read for clarity, organization, and idea development.
  • Don't try to get through 20 pages of your writing in one session; book follow up sessions to complete your goals.
  • Say if you want us to email your professor about the visit.
  • Create a follow up plan - what do you need to do next to get your essay done?
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