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Peer Consultants

Our peer consultants represent majors from nearly all departments on campus, so chances are good that one of them has experience writing in your discipline. They are highly trained, enjoy the challenges of working with writers at all stages in the writing process, and uphold confidentiality about your work.


Please schedule an appointment with any of our peer consultants.

Mika Alexander

Mika Alexander (She/Her/Hers)

Anthropology major, Political Science and REMS minors, 2023

Favorite Class: Biology of Plants
Writing Specialties/Languages: Grammar, flow, brainstorming, and polishing essays
Clubs/Committees: Bridge scholars, Collective for Antiracism and Liberation



Bryn AprillBryn Aprill

Environmental Science major, Classics minor, 2023

Favorite Class: Global Art History
Writing Specialties: Outlining, organization, creative writing
Clubs/Committees: Women's Ice Hockey





Mary Bach

Mary Bach

Religion major, Spanish minor, 2021

Favorite Class: Borderlands Theory in Latin America
Writing Specialties/Languages: Organizing ideas, polishing essays, proficient in Spanish
Clubs/Committees: Board game club, spiritual life





Isabelle (Belle) Aragon-Menzel (She/Her/Hers)Belle

Sociology (minor in Education and English), 2021

Favorite Class: Topics in Sociology: From Title IX to 'Me Too': Gender Based Harassment and Assault
Writing Specialties/Languages: Essays and creative writing, poetry; English language but somewhat proficient in Spanish
Clubs/Committees: Varsity Volleyball, SAAC Committee





Laura AyreLaura Ayre (She/Her/Hers)

Economics, 2021

Favorite Class: Topics in Brazilian Culture: Queering Brazilian Popular Culture
Writing Specialties/Languages: Thesis composition and research papers




Jessie Berger

Jessie Berger (She/Her/Hers)

Creative Writing, 2021

Favorite Class: Beginning Fiction Writing
Writing Specialties/Languages: Outlining, word choice, flow
Clubs/Committees: Llamapalooza Committee, JusticeCorps




Charlotte Blum (She, Her, Hers)Charlotte Blum

Political Science major, History minor, 2022

Favorite Class: Secrecy, Surveillance and Democracy
Writing Specialties: Outlining, Polishing, Critical Analysis, Research Papers
Clubs/Committees: Colorado College Prison Project, Sunrise Movement at CC


Tom Byron

Tom Byron

Political Science and Economics, 2023

Favorite Class: Fundamental Debates on the Common Good
Writing Specialties: Philosophy writing, persuasive writing, flow, and organization


August Caldwell (She/Her/Hers)August Caldwell

Environmental Studies major, Chinese language minor, 2022

Favorite Class: Marxist Political Economy and the Crisis of Capitalism
Writing Specialties/Languages: Mandarin Chinese
Clubs/Committees: Co-chair of Hillel





Gordon ClarkGordon Clark

Environmental Studies, 2023

Favorite Class: Environment and Society
Writing Specialties: Creative writing, technical writing, research-based writing
Clubs/Committees: Boys Ultimate Frisbee, Office of Sustainability volunteer, Sustainability Council Stories sub-committee member









Sylvia Cummings (She/Her/Hers)

Silvia Cummings

English Literature, 2022

Favorite Class: Introduction to Literature and the Environment
Writing Specialties:
Polishing final drafts, revising, essay organization, literary analysis
Bridge Scholars Program





Mazlyn FreierMazlyn Freier

Sociology major, Feminist and Gender Studies and World Literature minor, 2023

Favorite Class: Encountering the Past: Sorcery, Magic and Devilry: The History of Witchcraft
Writing Specialties: Research and literary analysis papers; brainstorming, revising, polishing final drafts
Clubs/Committees: CREATE, Community Engaged Scholars




Kat GruschowKat Gruschow

Political Science major, French language minor, 2022

Favorite Class: Race and Politics in the Era of Trump
Writing Specialties: Analysis and research papers, word choice, clarity, and organization
Clubs/Committees: Honor Council, Admissions Ambassador




Elle HaglerElle.jpeg

Sociology Major, 2022

Favorite Class: Secrecy, Surveillance, and Democracy
Writing Specialties: Research and analytical essays, flow, organization, and word choice
Clubs: Club frisbee, Sunrise Movement






 Jane Harris (She/Her/Hers)Jane Harris

History major, Performance Design minor, 2022

Favorite Class: Encountering the Past: A Global History of 1968
Writing Specialties: Historical and artistic analysis, flow, and creative voice
Clubs/Committees: The Sounds of Colorado College, Theater Workshop




Sallie Hatfield (She/Her/Hers)Sallie Hatfield

Romance Language/Linguistics, 2021

Favorite Class: Golden Age Literature and Culture
Writing Specialties/Languages Proficient in Spanish; Love working on rough and final drafts. Improving flow and organization.



Amy Ji (She/Her/Hers)Amy

English Literature, 2021

Favorite Class: Introduction to Comparative Lit
Writing Specialties/Languages: Critical analysis, essays/ English, Chinese
Clubs/Committees: ORC




Olivia Liu

Olivia Liu (She/Her/Hers)

English major, REMS minor, 2021

Favorite Class: Chicana/Chicano Literature with Karen Roybal
Writing Specialties: Analysis papers, grammar, sentence-level issues
Clubs/Committees: Women's club soccer, ASU




Caroline LivaditisCaroline Livaditis


Favorite Class: Politics, Religion and the Secular
Writing Specialties/Languages: German, polishing word choice and flow
Clubs/Committees: Equestrian team




Haley LoperHaley Loper

English, 2022

Favorite Class: Multicultural Women Poets
Writing Specialties: Humanities papers
Clubs/Committees: SOSS






Paul Luu Van Lang

Paul Luu Van Lang

International Political Economy (IPE), 2021

Favorite Class: Waging Non-Violent Conflict
Writing Specialties/Languages: English, French, Spanish




Alejandro Martinez-BerriosAlejandro Martinez-Barrios

Molecular major, Spanish, Human Biology and Kinesiology minor, 2021

Favorite Class: Molecular Biology research
Writing Specialties/Languages: Spanish and science papers
Clubs/Committees: RA, club baseball, Fiji








Emma Olsen (She/Her/Hers)Emma O

English major, Education minor 2021

Favorite Class: Topics in Education
Writing Specialties: Creative writing, research papers, close readings
Clubs/Committees: Cipher Magazine, Public Achievement





Hollis Peterson (They/Them/Theirs)Hollis Peterson

Comparative Literature, 2022

Favorite Class: Haitian Literature
Writing Specialties: Creative writing like stories and poetry
Clubs/Committees: CC Figure Skating Team









Luis RamosLuis Ramos

Astrophysics major, Chemistry and Philosophy minor, 2023

Favorite Class: Existential Philosophy
Writing Specialties: Science writing, outlining, brainstorming, organization, revision/polishing
Clubs/Committees: Math club, Club Basketball



Lucie Raphael

Southwest Studies major, Anthropology minor, 2022

Favorite Class: Introduction of Environmental Justice
Writing Specialties/Languages: I really like to help clients form an effective argument and thesis for analytical essays and
I like general essay organization and brainstorming. I speak and write in Spanish and can help with 100 and 200
level classes

Sammy RiesSammy Ries

Math and Environmental Science, 2023

Favorite Class: The Mathematical Modeling of Viral Epidemics
Writing Specialties: Scientific writing such as lab reports and research papers. Final drafts and improving organization
Clubs/Committees: Accessibility Resources Student Leadership Council, Women's Club Hockey, CACC, F.U.C.C, CC club climbing team




 Alonso Rios
Alonso Rios

Undeclared, 2023

Favorite Class: Topics in Southwest Studies: Chicanx and Latinx Studies
Writing Specialties/Languages: Brainstorming, outlining, organization, rough and final drafts; Spanish speaker and proficient in Portuguese.








Maddi Schink

Maddie Schink

Environmental Studies Major, Spanish Minor, 2023

Favorite Class: Environment and Society
Writing Specialties/Languages: Flow, organization, word choice, and revision of essays. Rough drafts or final drafts. Conversational Spanish
Clubs/Committees: RA in Loomis, BreakOut through the CCE, GlobeMed, Kappa




Hannah Scott (She/Her/Hers)

Sociology, 2022

Favorite Class: Sociology of Body and Health
Writing Specialties: Outlining, organization, science writing
Clubs/Committees: Woman's Ultimate Frisbee





Hope Stonner (She/Her/Hers)Hope Stoner

Political Science, 2021

Favorite Class: Food Agriculture & The Environment
Writing Specialties: Brainstorming, outlining, research papers
Clubs/Committees: CC Prison Project



Alethea TylerAlethea Tyler (She/Her/Hers)

Fiction Track, 2021

Writing Specialties: Creative writing



Anusha VajralaAnusha Vajrala

Biochemistry major, Global Health minor, 2023

Favorite Class: Teaching and Learning Across Communities
Writing Specialties/Languages: I am bilingual English and Telugu and I can help with any kind of writing. As a STEM major, I can help with research and analytical papers.
Clubs/Committees: Speech and Debate, South Asian Student Association (SASA), CCSGA



Tia VierlingTia Vierling

Neuroscience and English double major, 2022

Favorite Class: Neuroscience
Writing Specialties: Polishing essays, English and film
Clubs/Committees: Club Soccer, BreakOut, Arts & Crafts




DWWC-copy.jpgDelaney Weiss (She/Her/Hers)

Computer Science major, English minor, 2021

Favorite Class: Tradition and Change in Literature: Satire
Writing Specialties: Grammar; argument structure/organization, creative writing
Clubs/Committees: Women's club hockey





Michelle Wolford (She/Her/Hers)Michelle Wolfard

Environmental Science, 2021

Favorite Class:
Writing Specialties: Science writing; working on clarity and flow
of ideas; polishing essays




Kelly Yue (She/Her/Hers)Kelly Yue

Sociology major, History minor, 2021

Favorite Class: Sociology of Health and Medicine
Writing Specialties: Lit review, cover letters/applications, outlining research papers
Clubs/Committees: President's Council, Justice Corps, International Students Initiative




Yangteng Zhao (He/Him/His) Yanfeng Zhao

OBE/IDA 2022

Favorite Class: Intro to Poetry
Writing Specialties/Languages: Brainstorming and critical analysis. I also speak Chinese.





Tiantian Zhu
Rebeka Zhu

Environmental Science 2022

Favorite Class: Environment and Society
Writing Specialties: Research papers, analysis papers, Organization and flow.







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