What We Do

The Arts at CC amplifies and empowers the arts within the academic mission of the college. It encourages a holistic approach to the presentation of artists, critics, and scholars-student, faculty, regional, national, and international-as well as the production of theatre, dance, literature, visual art, film and other mediums at the college and professional level. 

The Office of the Arts at CC serves as a centralized point of coordination for arts events seeking greater integration into our campus and regional communities, bringing the arts to bear in a coordinated and intentional way. This includes the development and support of interdisciplinary arts programming, arranging class group attendance at performances, organizing convergence classes and other forms of academic engagement, and promoting the creation of new works by our campus, regional, and national artists.

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Together, we model ways to be responsible and accountable stewards of the objects and stories that represent the cultures who make up our community, nation, and world. We are committed to using creativity to foster dialogue, reflection, action, and ideas. And we see our students, our audience, and our communities as our partners in that effort.

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