Interspersed Arts Collective

January Half-Block 2022

GS222: Interspersed Arts Collective


Course Description: This hybrid interdisciplinary performance-art course invites all participants to transform their environments into virtual sonic, theatrical spaces by developing their listening and technological skills. As a collaboration between UCCS and Colorado College, this course explores the creation of ritual through a redefined sense of virtual and institutional space, as well as demonstrates the creative possibilities of being an at-a-distance performance collective. Students will learn about other similarly designed genre-bending online interdisciplinary arts collectives from around the world as they work to create their own surprising and engaging collaborative pieces. Members of the course will be composers, visual artists, actors, video artists, and observers of our ultimate online theatrical-band-filmed installation exhibit.

Additional Details: Co-taught by Professors Ryan Banagale (CC) and Jane Rigler (UCCS), this hybrid online/in-person offering brings together students from both institutions to form an interdisciplinary arts collaborative--actors, musicians, and visual artists alike. Amid the dual pandemics of COVID-19 and systemic racism, the arts are more important than ever to help us react to, respond with, and reconsider the ways in which we engage the world around us. Artists are creating new modes of collaboration and in the process addressing both social justice issues and inequities. This course examines both the results and the processes that lead to the development of such work. 

The class will meet together in the mornings and then work in virtual lab sessions in the afternoon as they put theory into practice and experiment their way towards a final digital exhibit of their work. The exact nature of this final outcome will be completely dependent on the collective experience and individual interests of the students in the class. The class will host a series of practicing collaborative artists as virtual class guests.  Running the course as a half-block puts the students in the situation of quickly developing a collective artistic experience for an online audience. 

Course Goals:

  • To work within a collaborative, experimental environment that provides first-hand experience in creating and iterating an artistic encounter 
  • To learn from one another’s unique creative approaches and perspectives, engaging in collective discussion, critical listening, and analysis
  • To gain an understanding of arts collectives and how they function/advocate in relation to the work of individual artists
  • To understand various approaches and methodologies for the collaborative development of art
  • To establish a practice of reflection on the creative process, as individual producers of art as well as part of a collective unit

Learning Outcomes:

Students taking this course will be able to:

  • Develop and curate a collective digital arts exhibit
  • Discuss, in-depth, frameworks for understanding collaborative creative processes
  • Reflect meaningfully on the collaborative creative experience
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