Justice and Action Month

The Office of Performing Arts spent last month following the 10-minute "Justice in June" lesson plan compiled by Bryanna Wallace and Autumn Gupta. The goal of that resource is to provide a starting place for individuals trying to become better allies.

As we work to rectify the ways in which the world of performing arts upholds systemic racism, we wanted to supplement the 10-minute "Justice in June" lesson plan to highlight the work of the Black artists in the ever-expanding conversation about American racism. This series will include theater, dance, music, and articles about the impact of racism in the performing arts on Black artists. Some days a direct connection exists between the items we share. Other days we ask you to make the larger connections.

Although we are dedicating July to this effort, this is just the beginning. We all need to continue learning and educating ourselves. And we would be delighted if you would share with all of us additional resources you encounter along the way. Please tag us on social media or send an email to PerformingArts@ColoradoCollege.edu.

Week 1:

Day 1:

READ - "Who Gets to Be Afraid in America" by Ibram X. Kendi

WATCH - "Adrenaline Rush" by Rudy Francisco

Day 2:

READ - "America's Racial Contract is Killing Us" by Adam Serwer

READ - "Dear White Theater People, It Is Not the Job of the Black Artist to Change the Industry. It's Ours." by Paige Levy

Day 3:

LISTEN + READ - "Your Body Being Used" by Hansi Lo Wang and Kumari Devarajan

READ - "What I Think When I Hear That Broadway is Racist" by Heathcliff Saunders

DO - Support the Bail Project

Day 4:

WATCH - "I Can't Breathe" by Marcelino Sambé

DO - Reallocate budgets by defunding the police

Day 5:

READ - Excerpt from White Fragility by Robin Diangelo

DO - Support "Justice in June" GoFundMe to enable additional anti-racism work by Autumn Gupta and Bryanna Wallace

Week 2:

Day 1:

READ - "The 1619 Project"

READ - "Why Is Everyone Always Stealing Black Music?"

Day 2:

READ - "When Civility is Used as a Cudgel against People of Color" by Karen Grigsby Bates

WATCH - "Broadway is Racist" by Griffin Matthews

Day 3:


LISTEN + READ - "During the Black Lives Matter Movement, Protest Art Can Be the Needle That Threads Change" by Amanda LeClaire and LaToya Cross

Day 4:

WATCH - "Let's Get to the Root of Racial Injustice" by Megan Ming Francis

READ - "Queer Black Playwrights to Know and Support": Part I & Part II

Day 5:

READ - "The Intersectionality Wars" by Jane Coaston

WATCH - "Lost Voices" by Darius Simpson & Scout Bostley

WATCH - DISCLOSURE on Netflix (and/or read this review)

Week 3:

Day 1:

READ - excerpt from "So You Want to Talk About Race" by Ijeoma Olu

Day 2:

READ + LISTEN - "The Power of Martin Luther King Jr's Anger" by Nell Greenfieldboyce

EXPLORE - Decolonizing the Music Room

Day 3:

DO - Contact your town's police chief and local gov reps to advocate for Police De-escalation training

READ - "White Theater Leader's Responses to #GeorgeFloyd" by AnaSofĂ­a Villenueva

Day 4:

WATCH - "How to Overcome our Biases? Walk Boldly Towards Them" by Verna Myers

WATCH: "Dear Mr. Shakespeare: Othello"

Day 5:

READ - "The Case for Reparations" by Ta-Nehesi Coates

LISTEN - "Room 25" by Noname

Week 4:

Day 1:

READ - "Tips for Creating Effective White Caucus Groups" by Craig Elliott

DO - What hashtags/petitions/fundraisers are trending on social media today? Help to circulate resources!

Day 2:

LISTEN + READ - "Opinion: My Father Stood for the National Anthem for the Same Reason Colin Kaepernick Sits" by Keith Woods

DO - Donate to black owned theater companies (part 1):

Harlem Stage

National Black Theatre

Penumbra Theatre

Pyramid Theatre Company

Day 3:

LISTEN + READ - "When Calling the Po-Po is a No-No" by Karen Grigsby Bates

WATCH - "What the World Needs Now" by Tank and the Bangas and Friends

Day 4:

DO - Donate to anti-white supremacy work:

Black Table Arts

The Okra Project

Equal Justice Initiative

Loveland Therapy Fund

Day 5:

WATCH - "How We're Priming Some Kids for College and others for prison" by Alice Goffman

DO - Donate to black owned theater companies (part 2):

The Billie Holiday Theatre

Black Ensemble Theater

The Classical Theatre of Harlem

Ebony Repertory Theatre

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