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    Pikes Peak Workshop

    Pikes Peak helps define the unique character and location of Colorado College. This Workshop supports students in teams studying key challenges and issues regarding this iconic mountain and the surrounding region. Students are paid to be part of celebrating and extending that legacy. Targeted research projects through the Pikes Peak Workshop aim to enhance the focus of the college, its students, faculty, courses and extra-curricular programs on the Pikes Peak region. Form a team of 3-5 students to address one of the below topics. Team members will be paid to complete their projects through a research grant. It is a chance for students to go several steps beyond theoretical, conceptual classroom work to develop and deliver products of use to an evolving public-private management approach. Each year we issue a call for applications regarding topics that are current and build upon work in the past and by the many Pikes Peak Stakeholders. Watch this web site for announcements regarding topics and applications.

    Have questions about Pikes Peak Workshop? Email Lily Weissgold ( or Walt Hecox, PhD. (

    topics by year

    Topics 18-19

    Topics 19-20

    Topics 20-21