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What to Bring


New Student/Winter Start Orientation Priddy Experience Packing List


*Please note that for Fall 2021 Priddy Experience there is no specific packing list*


This year you won't need to bring anything specific or special for the Priddy Experience this year. Once you are on campus your Priddy Experience Leaders will help you prepare for any of the day trip opportunities! It will be important to plan for all types of weather and a variety of temperatures when living in Colorado Springs so make sure to bring proper cold weather clothing options with you to campus! Hiking boots are also a great idea to have with you for Priddy Day trips as well as regular life at CC!


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The Ahlberg Gear House and Ritt Kellogg Climbing Gym will be open during the summer on a limited schedule. The Bike and Ski Co-op will be available by appointment only.  Please visit each facility page for more information regarding hours and precautionary measures.

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