Solutions Center Support

Response Time

The Solutions Center attempts to answer problem calls (anything which prevents basic operation of the computer, e.g., a bad monitor, computer virus, etc.) within 48 hours. We attempt to solve project tickets (e.g., installing new software, creating new accounts, etc.) within two weeks.


During regular working hours, the Solutions Center tries to answer all voicemail within two hours of your call.

New Accounts

Accounts are created automatically once per day in the early morning based off information in Banner. For new faculty, accounts are created immediately so that they can interact with Canvas and other resources to prepare for class. For non-faculty staff members, accounts are created once their status is set to active (usually their first day of work).

Once we receive notification that an account has been created, we send the information to that person's supervisor or staff assistant. Examples:

  • An employee is hired and set to active status on 7/2/12. The account will be automatically created on the morning of 7/3/12.
  • A new faculty member is hired and scheduled to begin teaching in Block 1. She is entered into Banner on 7/2/12. Her account will be automatically created on the morning of 7/3/12.

Smart Phones / Mobile Devices and Support Limits

At present, the Solutions Center only works on College-owned equipment and College-licensed (or purchased) software. That means that personally-owned peripherals (iPhones, etc.) are not supported by the Solutions Center. As always, we'll do what we can to help, but our assistance will be limited.

Fixing Personally-Owned Computers

While we do try to help home and student users connect to the Colorado College network, we do not fix personally-owned computers, even if they are used for college work or you have retired from the college (macs are the exception to this since we have an apple repair center - see the "hardware repair" service in our service catalog for more details). We'll be as helpful as we can within a 15-minute window, but past that you will need to find alternative assistance. The Solutions Center has a list of associates who perform contracted (i.e., you need to pay them!) work on personal machines, and there are many local computer repair services.

Manual Password Resets

The Solutions Center must verify your identity in order to manually reset your password. The best way to do this is to show your CC Gold Card physically at the Solutions Center. In exceptional circumstances, we will also accept other forms of identity verification over phone or email.

Please Call the Solutions Center First!

If you have problems with or questions about your computer, please call or email the Solutions Center (x6449), rather than any individual ITS staff member. The Solutions Center centralizes our response system so we can diagnose larger scale problems quickly. Additionally, by calling the Solutions Center number, you'll help us avoid duplicating someone else's work. Thank you!

Using Remote Control

The Help Desk will only use remote control tools with your permission. Our remote control software asks whether you will allow one of us to remote control your computer, and, if you select "No" or don't answer, we will not be able to access your system.

Report an issue - Last updated: 02/28/2022