Computer and Peripheral Lifecycle Procedure

All college-owned computers must be purchased by ITS, even if entirely funded by a department or research account. This is so that we can ensure a proper inventory, take advantage of bulk-purchasing rates, set up security and other software properly, ensure that we can support the computer, etc.

  • Employees may purchase peripherals (monitors, mice, keyboards, speakers, etc.) directly using a college p-card, though ITS is happy to consult about those and/or do the purchase and charge the specified budget code.
  • All computers purchased with college funds (including research funds, department funds, etc.) are the property of Colorado College

Life Cycle Replacement details

  • Faculty primary computers are replaced every 5 years
    • New faculty must purchase their first primary computer out of startup funds; it will be replaced 4 years later out of LCR.
  • Staff primary computers are replaced every 5 years
    • New staff inherit the computer from the previous occupant in the position.
    • If there is no previous occupant (so it’s a “net new” position), the department must pay the entire cost for the first computer and then LCR will kick in to replace it thereafter.
  • Student worker and intern computers are replaced every 6 years
  • Public lab computers are replaced every 6 years
  • All computers not in the above categories must be replaced from a different funding source (including research / department lab computers, "floating" department computers, etc.)
  • ITS will only pay for the computer itself, not for extra peripherals which don’t come bundled with the computer (monitors, docks, keyboards, mice). Those items must be purchased from a different funding source.
    • Note that in some cases, ITS may provide new monitors as part of a lifecycle replacement but it depends on several factors such as the availability of funds and the state of the old monitor.

When the time comes to replace an employee primary computer, ITS will reach out to that employee and consult about what will work best for their needs (Mac / PC / laptop / desktop). ITS will pay for a standard computer; if the employee wants increased specifications or a custom model, ITS will purchase it for them and will charge any amount above the standard values to the appropriate budget code.

When a computer is replaced, ITS will keep the hard drive of the old computer intact for at least 2 weeks before wiping it to repurpose, recycle, etc.

Employees cannot keep their old primary computer when it is replaced by a new computer.

  • If the computer was purchased entirely from a different funding source, the employee can keep it since ITS funding was not involved.

If a Colorado College-owned computer is lost, stolen, or accidentally damaged, the cost of replacement or repair will be charged to a department / research account in most cases.

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