Event Planning Guide

Audio Visual Event Support (389-6382)

  • Although some rooms and venues have installed systems, please make a complete and thorough list of Audio Visual equipment you will need to make your event success­ful. List all AV equipment and accessorizes in the appropriate box on the Room Reservation Request Form.
  • Important information in addition to an accurate AV equipment list are: date, start and end times, location, accurate budget code, and technical support requests.
  • If you are unsure of what equipment and services you might need and would like some guidance, please contact our AV special events staff (Don @ x6382)
  • Certain venues are controlled by a venue manager, who must confirm and approve your venue request.
  • If an AV technician is requested or needed outside of regular business hours, a technician charge will be assessed at the rate of $32 per hour with a 2 hour minimum. (Regular business hours are 8AM-5PM Mon- Fri)
  • Some larger venues have complex AV systems and a technician is required. There are also situations where the technical complexity of your event may also require a techni­cian(s). This would be at the discretion of AV Special Events personnel to properly staff your event.
  • Please remember that though we will try our best to accommodate all your requests, it is based on availability of equipment and labor, and cannot be guaranteed. In some cases equipment may need to be rented from outside vendors, this expense will be passed on to you.
  • To ensure your event is successful, please submit an accurate and complete request form at least 10 days in advance.
  • Arranging ushers, security, and other non-technical personnel is the sole responsibility of the event organizer/planner (you).

Important things to consider when requesting support

  • If there is a slideshow presentation, do I need a wireless slide remote?
  • Do I have sound associated with my presentation such as a Youtube clip, DVD clip, or music embedded within my slides?
  • When requesting an outdoor event, do I have an alternative site prepared in case the weather turns bad?
  • Do I need a recording of my meeting, whether audio or video?
  • Have I scheduled a rehearsal, if applicable?
  • Have I contacted the AV department to discuss details for my "high profile" event?

Facilities Services (389-6568)

Most venue spaces on campus have their own equipment and materials stored within the room (ie- rounds/banquets/chairs)

  • All venues must be scheduled through the proper scheduling manager and include what setup and materials are needed for the event
  • Any setups needed before 8am, after 4:30pm and over the weekend will be charged overtime. Overtime per staffing person will be $49.64 (that will be a minimum of 2 hours) Overtime charges will be charged towards the sup­plied budget code.
  • We have a limited stock of materials- we handle them by first come first serve basis and will assist in any rentals needed (will also be recharged to your budget)

Equipment Listing

  • Folding plastic chairs- 200 in stock
  • 6ft Banquet tables- 30 in stock
  • 5ft Round tables- 20 in stock
  • 3ft cocktail tables/or short 3ft rounds- only have 10 total in stock
  • 4x8 Wenger staging- 9 pieces in stock

Misc. Items

  • Chrome Stanchions- 10 in stock
  • Podium only (no podium microphone) - 3 in stock
  • Dry erase boards 3ftx5ft (w/easels)- 8 each
  • Flip charts (w/easels)- 25 each
  • Coatrack w/ hangers- 4 each
  • Easels- 25 each
  • Trash cans (32 gal)- 20 each
  • Recycling cans (32 gal)- 20 each
Please note Facilities does not supply linens for tables! Please contact Bon Appetit for linens!

Things to consider when requesting Facilities support

  • Did I ask for trash cans or recycling cans?
  • Do I need an easel with flipchart and also markers?
  • Do I need coatracks with hangers?
  • Do I need banquet tables for catering? (contact your caterer for what is needed for food)
  • Will this be an overtime charge ?
  • Did I contact Facilities for any last minute changes? (attendance changes, additional tables)
  • Did I contact Venue Managers, Facilities, Media Services for cancellation of my event?
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