Webex Alternate Host

With Webex, you can set an alternate host to let someone lead a Webex meeting for you. Alternate hosts can start, manage, and record your scheduled meeting on their own - you do not need to be present in the meeting. This is very helpful if you think that you might run late or might not be able to attend your scheduled Webex meeting.

Alternate hosts can be added for meetings in your Personal Meeting Room and for other scheduled Webex meetings. You can set one or multiple alternate hosts.

Personal Meeting Room

  1. Sign into the Webex site: https://coloradocollege.webex.com
  2. Select Preferences tab.
  3. Select My Personal Room.
  4. Near bottom, check box "Let others host my Personal Room meetings without me".
  5. Select "Let me choose alternate hosts for my Personal Room meetings".
  6. Enter the CC email address of the alternate host, then click Save.

Meetings Scheduled on Webex

  1. Sign into the Webex site: https://coloradocollege.webex.com
  2. Find or schedule your meeting:
      • For meetings already scheduled:
        1. Select Meetings tab.
        2. Select your scheduled meeting, then click the Edit button (pencil icon).
      • For new meetings:
        1. Click Schedule.
        2. Fill in all meeting details including attendees.
        3. On the "Attendees" list, click the person icon next to their name. When it turns blue they are an Alternate Host for the meeting.
        4. Click Save or Schedule.

Meetings Scheduled on Outlook (Webex Plug-in)

  1. Open the scheduled meeting on your Outlook calendar OR schedule a new meeting using the Webex plug-in on Outlook.
  2. Make sure all meeting participants are entered in the To: field.
  3. Click Change Settings. On Windows, click the Resources tab on the window that pops up.
  4. Check box next to participant that you would like to make Alternate Host. Click OK.


  5. Send or Send Update to save and send updated meeting invitation.
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