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    Voicemail System

    Access your voicemail from on campus

    • From your office phone, press the "message" button on your phone VMicon
    • Enter your PIN and then # (ex. 12345#)
      • note that if this is your first time using it, the default PIN is 12345 or 13579
      • If your PIN doesn't work, let us know at and we can reset it

    Access your voicemail from off campus

    • You will receive an email with voicemails attached as a sound file that you can play from a computer.
    • You can manage your voicemail through the Jabber client
    • You can call in from off campus. To do so:
      • Dial your on campus phone number
      • After it finishes ringing and starts playing your voicemail greeting, press *
      • When asked for your ID, enter your 4-digit extension
      • When asked for your PIN, enter for 5-digit PIN

    Play your messages

    • Your new messages will play automatically. After listening to a message:
      • Press 1 to replay the message
      • Press 2 to save the message
      • Press 3 to delete the message
      • Press 5 to forward the message
      • Press 7 to rewind the message 5 seconds
    • If you don't have any new messages
      • Press 3 to review saved messages

    Change your greeting(s)

    You have multiple greetings available to you in the new system - standard, closed, alternate, busy, internal, holiday

    • After accessing voicemail:
    • Press 4 for options
    • Press 1 to change greetings
    • Press 1 to re-record your greeting and then follow the prompts
    • Press 2 to switch to your alternate greeting
    • Press 3 to edit other greetings 

    Reset your voicemail password

    • If you know your password and want to change it
      • Access the voicemail system
      • Press 4 for options
      • Press 3 for preferences
      • Press 1 to reset your PIN
      • Press 2 to change your recorded name
    • If you don't know your password
      • Contact the Solutions Center at 719.389.6449 or

    When you first get your phone number and voicemail PIN, you'll need to set up your voicemail.

    From your office phone

    1. From your telephone, pick up your receiver and press the voicemail button VMicon.
    2. Enter the temporary passcode given to you by ITS:.
    3. The Unity system will prompt you to:
      • Record your name
      • Record a greeting
      • Set a new password (a minimum of 5-digits)
    4. Once you have completed all the prompts your voicemail box is ready to receive messages.