Voicemail System

Access your voicemail from on campus

  • From your office phone, press the "message" button on your phone VMicon.png
  • Enter your PIN and then # (ex. 12345#)
    • note that if this is your first time using it, the default PIN is 12345 or 13579
    • If your PIN doesn't work, let us know at its@coloradocollege.edu and we can reset it

Access your voicemail from off campus

  • You will receive an email with voicemail attached as a sound file that you can play from a computer.
  • You can manage your voicemail through the Jabber client
  • You can call in from off campus. To do so:
    • Dial your on campus phone number
    • After it finishes ringing and starts playing your voicemail greeting, press *
    • When asked for your ID, enter your 4-digit extension
    • When asked for your PIN, enter your 5-digit PIN

Empty your deleted messages

Deleted messages count toward your voicemail box quota, so be sure to empty your deleted items periodically:

  • Dial into your voicemail
  • Press 3 to listen to old messages
  • Press 2 to listen to deleted messages
  • Press 1 to review messages
  • Press 2 to erase deleted messages
  • Press 2 to delete all messages
  • Press 2 to confirm all deleted messages

Play your messages

  • Your new messages will play automatically. After listening to a message:
    • Press 1 to replay the message
    • Press 2 to save the message
    • Press 3 to delete the message
    • Press 5 to forward the message
    • Press 7 to rewind the message 5 seconds
  • If you don't have any new messages
    • Press 3 to review saved messages

Change your greeting(s)

You have multiple greetings available to you in the new system - standard, closed, alternate, busy, internal, holiday

  • After accessing voicemail:
  • Press 4 for options
  • Press 1 to change greetings
  • Press 1 to re-record your greeting and then follow the prompts
  • Press 2 to switch to your alternate greeting
  • Press 3 to edit other greetings

Reset your voicemail password

  • If you know your password and want to change it
    • Access the voicemail system
    • Press 4 for options
    • Press 3 for preferences
    • Press 1 to reset your PIN
    • Press 2 to change your recorded name

  • If you don't know your password
    • Contact the Solutions Center at 719.389.6449 or its@coloradocollege.edu
    • When the Solutions Center replies with your new voicemail PIN
      • From your telephone, pick up your receiver and press the voicemail button VMicon.png.
      • Enter the temporary passcode given to you by ITS:.
      • The Unity system will prompt you to:
        • Record your name
        • Record a greeting
        • Set a new password (a minimum of 5-digits)
      • Once you have completed all the prompts your voicemail box is ready to receive messages.
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