Stata is a general-purpose statistical analysis package created and maintained by StataCorp LLC. Its capabilities include a broad range of statistical analyses, plus data management, graphics, simulations, and custom programming.

The College's license for Stata, which is available on the PCs in public computer labs and on VLab1 is a student learning lab license. This means that you can use it in class for assignments as a teacher or a student, but you cannot use it for research.

If you need a copy of Stata for your faculty research, contact the Solutions Center.

Please specify which flavor of Stata you need (see below or StataCorp's page which Stata is right for me) and whether you'd like a perpetual (pay once and use the same version unless you also purchase a maintenance contract) or annual (pay a smaller amount every year; includes support/maintenance) license.

Students can use Stata on VLab1 or may purchase their own license of Stata with special student pricing. Econometrics students may also check in with the Economics and Business Paraprof to check about licensing.

Stata comes in different flavors which dictate what you can do with it:

  • Stata/IC (2,047 variables, 798 independent variables)
  • Stata/SE (32,767 variables, 10,998 independent variables)
  • Stata/MP (120,000 variables, 10,998 independent variables and can use multiple cores)

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