How to Answer Tech Adoption Questions

The Tech Adoption (TA) process reviews all requests in terms of how a new application will fit into the college’s current technology landscape and ensure the technology’s security practices meet security criteria.

Implementation timelines for requests requiring ITS assistance should be discussed separately from the TA process. This conversation can take place simultaneously with the request itself. Contact the Solutions Center at to begin that part of your process.

Requests that have college-wide use implications require further review by the Administrative Systems Advisory Committee (ASAC) and will occur after the TA process is complete (ASAC is notified when a request might be coming their way). The TA team will pass along the request to ASAC once the TA review is complete. ASAC will then be in contact with you once their review is complete.

When submitting a TA ticket, you’ll be asked several questions to help us process your request. All questions must be answered completely or your request could be delayed (in some cases, the delay may be significant). These questions, along with more details about the specific data we are looking for, are listed below.

  1. Who is your request for (individual, department, college-wide)?
    Will the request you are making impact only you, a professor and a few students in a class, an entire department (for example, the Finance Office, Math Department, etc.), or everyone at the college (for example, something like Banner, Office365, etc.)?

  2. Who is the contact person?
    List the person responsible for the item being requested. Things to consider: who will make sure software or hardware stays up to date, who should IT or others across campus contact should they have questions about the requested item, etc.

  3. Name/type of technology?
    What is the specific name of the technology and the name of the company that owns the technology? Often, companies own more than one specific product, so we’ll need to know the specific one you’re looking at. Are you considering replacing an existing piece of technology with this new one? What technology would be replaced?

  4. How will this technology be used?
    What does the technology do? How will it help the individual(s), department, or campus with its work?

  5. What is the ballpark cost and who will pay for it?
    Currently, IT does not pay for individual(s)- or department-specific technology.

  6. What other college-owned technology have you looked at to fit the need?
    The college has many different types of technology serving many different needs across campus, and often the use of those technologies can be expanded to other people or departments. Please contact the Solutions Center at or (719) 389-6449 to explore other options prior to submitting your request.

  7. Supporting documents
    Contracts, websites, correspondence with the vendor, etc., can and should be included here. Inclusion of this information up front can help move the TA request process faster.
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