Survey Research

Institutional Planning and Effectiveness regularly coordinates and conducts annual surveys of students and alumni, while also providing support and guidance for other survey research conducted by our faculty and staff. While the college periodically participates in outside surveys offered through other organizations, the IPE office annually distributes two internal surveys, the student experience survey and the five-year-out survey of alumni. Below are brief descriptions of what these surveys collect and links to summary reports. 

The Student Experience Survey 

Based on research done by Gallup and Purdue University, CC's Student Experience Survey examines 10 areas of the Colorado College experience which the college has determined may influence the future success of our alumni. The survey frames these ten areas into ten questions which measure how students use opportunities at the college, and provides insight into how those experiences may influence the future success of our alumni.

The Five-Year-Out Survey 

Aligned with both national and institutional interest in post-graduate activities of recent alumni, the Office of Institutional Planning and Effectiveness, at Colorado College launched the five-year-out survey of alumni in 2014. The areas examined in the reports are postgraduate educational pursuits, employment status and fields, salaries, volunteer work and reflections on their time at Colorado College. To view summary reports of alumni employment and educational pursuits, please see our Postgraduate Information page.

For questions about survey research performed by the IPE office or activities in general, please contact:

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