The college's Trustee Committee on Investments provides fiduciary oversight for the endowment investment management. The committee-approved investment policy statement, which includes the spending policy, serves as a guideline for the endowment investment program.

The purpose of the endowment is to support the students. Our goal is to have returns sufficient enough to achieve intergenerational equity. The following Board approved policy helps support this goal:

  • Endowment Investment Policy - sets the asset allocation, details the spend policy, and lays out the portfolio specification.
  • Spending Policy - allows spending of approximately 5% of the Endowment each year. The change from year to year is capped at 5% up and 1% down.

Interactive Endowment Graphs

June 30, 2023 Market Value & Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation Market  Actual  
  Value  Allocation 
Fixed Income $38,898,446 4%
Absolute Return $112,434,743 13%
Hedged Equities $70,761,365 8%
Global Equities $391,589,189 45%
Cash $33,056,103 4%
Private Debt $62,536,152 7%
Private Equity $148,368,175 17%
Private Equity Real Estate $21,394,102 2%
Beneficial Interests in Perpetual Trusts  $38,958,425  
Total Endowment & Perpetual Trust Mkt Value $917,996,700   
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