Research Support

SEGway Research Support Funding

Possible Activities/Needs Supported

  1. matching funds to be included as a required or voluntary match to a grant proposal
  2. additional support for grant activity not included/allowed in the awarded budget but that would make the grant more competitive or the grant activities more successful, such as a commitment from the College to purchase a certain instrument if the grant is awarded or to provide access to a certain database after the grant is awarded
  3. replacement salary to cover a course release funded by the College, often for administering major institutional grants
  4. other ideas welcome and encouraged!

While faculty would not have access to Research Support Funding until the after an external grant is funded, typically faculty will need to request this support prior to the external grant's submission in order to make the proposal more competitive. Faculty members should work with the Director of Faculty Research Support in order to expedite the Advisory Committee's review of their SEGway proposal. The SEGway Committee will make decisions on matching grants in consultation with the Dean.

In cases where a need is discovered after an external grant is awarded, faculty should discuss their proposed request with the Director of Faculty Research Support and submit their SEGway proposal by the next announced deadline.

For more information, please contact Tess Powers, the Director of Faculty Research Support.

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