Pre-School Two

Preschool Two 719-389-6712

The teacher's role is to help your child become an independent, self-confident, inquisitive learner. When the environment is well planned and rich with a variety of materials and choices it allows children to learn at their own pace through active exploration. Thus fostering growth and development; Socially, Emotionally, Cognitively, and Physically. Always remembering play enables us to achieve the goals of our curriculum.

Play is the work of young children.

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Classroom Phone Numbers
Infant 1 389-6269
Infant 2 389-7763
Toddler 1 389-6763
Toddler 2 389-7764
Preschool 1 389-6765
Preschool 2 389-6712
Preschool 3 389-7765