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    Infant One Room- 719-389-6269

    Infant Two Room- 719-389-7763

    In the infant room at Colorado College Children’s Center we strive to provide nurturing and responsive care for infants 8 weeks to 18 months of age.

    We recognize that infants are already distinct individuals with their own personalities, preferences and patterns. In response, we choose not to follow a routine schedule each day; we tailor our care to meet each child’s unique needs for physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. We have books to read, toys to fill and dump, cause and effect activities, and the incorporation of beginning sign language for earlier non-verbal communication. We make our room an exciting learning environment, experiencing the world through the senses with a variety of color and patterns, new textures, and music or language sounds. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to visit throughout the day to celebrate together the healthy development and milestones achieved along the way. We feel a good partnership between families and teachers is essential for providing each child with the best possible care.

    Classroom Phone Numbers
    Infant 1 389-6269
    Infant 2 389-7763
    Toddler 1 389-6763
    Toddler 2 389-7764
    Preschool 1 389-6765
    Preschool 2  389-6712
    Preschool 3 389-7765
    School Age 389-7769