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Welcome to the Cheryl Schlessman Bennett Children's Center at Colorado College

Looking for Parenting the Love and Logic way.....please click on the Love and Logic Classes link to the left.

The Colorado College Cheryl Schlessman Bennett Children’s Center operates with an open door policy.  Prospective applicants can call CCCC administration and arrange for visits/tours. 719-389-6764

Children’s Center Mission Statement

In partnership with the families, faculty, staff and students of Colorado College, the Colorado College Cheryl Schlessman Bennett Children’s Center provides early care and education center that supports excellence in learning that is an integral part of the campus community. As innovation professionals, we provide a diverse educational opportunity for our community of learners. By doing this successfully we make a difference in the lives of children and families in the community where we live and work.

Program Philosophy

The Colorado College Cheryl Schlessman Bennett Children’s Center practices a philosophy of serving each child’s unique individual social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth in a developmentally appropriate program. As we focus on each child we do our utmost to incorporate a respect for the mind, value all persons, practice honesty and integrity, remember traditions, nurture a sense of place, introduce social responsibility, and strive for excellence. We join with the greater Colorado College community by promoting these core values.

Adult Education Program

It's never too late for parents to being to use the Love and Logic® techniques regardless of whether the family has a teenager or a toddler.  Of course the best time to start using Love and Logic is before your infant can walk.  Our experience indicates that 8-9 months of age is a wonderful time to apply these techniques.  Even if children don't understand spoken language, they do grasp the general ideas of what we say to them.  No matter the age of the child, the best time to start Love and Logic is now.  

The four principals of Love and Logic® 
1.  Build the Self Concept
2.  Share the Control
3.  Offer Empathy, Then Consequence
4.  Share the Thinking 

Registration information

Parenting the Love and Logic Way Class Fall 2018

Colorado College Student Research Guidelines

From time to time, Colorado College professors may request that their students be permitted to observe at the Children’s Center as part of a class project. CC students may also plan independent studies or research papers around such observations. The director will evaluate projects before presenting them for parent’s approval for their child’s participation.  

CC Students - please fill out the Student Project Information Sheet to receive prior approval for any project.