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Easter Services 2020

There are many ways to observe Christian Holy Week. Below are a few churches across different time zones that have Easter Service and other Holy Week Services. There are many different denominations in the Christian family tree, all of which could not be represented here. If you need support locating a church of a specific denomination and/or worship style please contact Chaplain Kate Holbrook at Many of the services fall within times that might work for various time zones. Easter Falls during these dates: Easter (Protestant, Catholic, Anabaptist) is on Sunday, Aril 12. Christian Orthodox is Sunday, April 19.

Stations of the Cross: Good Friday


Catholic Video Resource

Vatican Written Resource

A Reflection by Pádraig Ó'Tuama

Mountain Standard Time - A Few Colorado Springs Churches

Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church (one of the African American Baptist Congregations in town)

Colorado Springs Central Seventh Day Adventist (worship on Saturday)

First United Methodist (LGBTQIA+ welcoming)

First Congregational (UCC) (LGBTQIA+ affirming)

Pikes Peak MCC (LGBTQIA+ affirming)

New Life Downtown

Catholic Mass - Dioceses of Colorado Springs

Grace St. Stephen's Episcopal (LGBTQIA+ welcoming)

First Presbyterian (ECO)

First Lutheran (ELCA)

Woodman Valley Chapel

All Souls Unitarian (LGBTQIA+ affirming)

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
***This is the link for all over the country

Eastern Standard Time

Riverside Church (NY City) (Interdenominational, multiracial, international, LGBTQIA+ affirming)

Ebenezer Baptist Church (Atlanta) an African American Baptist Congregation
*Rev. Raphael G. Warnock, Ph.D. is presiding

Middle Collegiate Church (NY City) (culturally diverse LGBTQIA+ affirming)

National Cathedral (Washington DC) Episcopal
*Bishop Michael Curry is presiding

Central Standard Time - Chicago Area Churches

Trinity (UCC) - An African American Congregation
*Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III is presiding

Fourth Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)

Catholic Mass
*Includes Mass options in English, Español, as well as a primarily African American Catholic Community and diverse Catholic Community at 4 different parishes (St. Sabina's, Holy Name Cathedral, Notre Dame de Chicago, and St. Pats)

Pacific Standard Time - Bay Area Churches

City of Refuge (UCC) 11 a.m. (African American congregation, LGBTQIA+ affirming, Bishop Yvette Flunder presiding)

St Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal (LGBTQIA+ affirming)

Glide Memorial (multiracial, LGBTQIA+ affirming)

Catholic Mass

St. Ignatius (Inclusive congregation)

Mission Dolores Parish
Mass in English and Español

April 19 - Christian Orthodox Easter

St. Mary's Orthodox Church - Antioch Orthodox, Cambridge, MA

St. John's Russian Orthodox (Washington DC)

Greek Orthodox (live streams from many churches across the USA)

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