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Frequently Asked Questions about wedding arrangements at Shove Chapel:

What should my minister or master of ceremonies know in advance?
Please encourage the person who will preside at your wedding to stop by Shove and become familiar with the building. Since it is important that the ceremony itself be prepared before the rehearsal, your presider should meet with you several weeks in advance to plan the service and identify any items or issues to be brought to the attention of Andreanna Trujillo. Your presider should be aware of the exact rehearsal and ceremony starting times and be prepared to direct the rehearsal.

What are your photography guidelines?
In choosing a photographer, it is wise to mention that the lighting in Shove Chapel is limited. Extra lighting such as floodlights is generally not appropriate during the ceremony. Your photographer should be aware of your 3-hour time limit and plan the photography session so that it will end on time.

Can I use a professional florist to decorate the pews and chancel area?
Certainly! Just be sure you verify your reserved 3-hour time slot with the florist. This is the window of time that the building is available for decorating and removal of all decorations. Even if you do not intend to keep the floral arrangements, all decorations must be removed by the end of your reserved time.

What kinds of decorations are allowed in the Chapel?
You are welcome to decorate as you wish. Candles of all kinds are allowed, providing they are in or on an appropriate holder. Pew-end decorations may be placed or fastened in a non-scarring method. An aisle runner may be placed in the center aisle. Please do not use tacks, nails or tape (other than masking tape) anywhere in the chapel.

What are your guidelines for wedding music?
Live or recorded instrumental and vocal music of all kinds is permitted. The grand piano is available at no additional charge, unless you want it specially tuned, in which case you will be responsible for charges. Use of the chapel organ must be negotiated with the Colorado College Organist. If wedding musicians need a practice in addition to the wedding rehearsal, they should schedule it with Andreanna Trujillo during open building hours.

Does the Chapel have a sound system?
There is an excellent sound system for your use in amplification and/or the playing of pre-recorded music. The chapel will provide microphones; a lavaliere (lapel) microphone is available for your presider. Please designate someone to be in the sound booth at both rehearsal and wedding to play pre-recorded music. You may not connect personal sound equipment through our system.

Are children allowed in this Colorado College building?
Yes, we welcome children to your wedding. However, children who are in the chapel must be supervised by an adult at all times. Neither Shove Chapel nor Colorado College is responsible for any injury a child might sustain through unsupervised play on the slate floors or stairs or near the heavy swinging doors.

Is the Chapel wheelchair accessible?
Yes, the ramp access to the chapel is on the northeast side of the building. Additionally, an accessible restroom is available at the chapel's south entry. Please contact the chapel office for further information.

Where can we park our vehicles?
Guests may park in properly marked spaces on Nevada Avenue and, on weekends or when school is not in session, in college parking lots. The closest lot enters from Cache La Poudre, between Nevada and Cascade. For clarification, maps of the college campus are available at the chapel office.

Are vehicles allowed to drive up to the west doors?
Due to recent paving of the paths across the grassy "quad," vehicles are no longer permitted to drive to the main chapel entrance at the west end. Wedding vehicles such as limousines and carriages may wait on Nevada Avenue just east of the chapel, as long as a driver stays in attendance. Vehicles carrying mobility-impaired guests may stop to drop off or pick up passengers at that same place on Nevada Avenue, just a few yards from the wheelchair ramp, before proceeding to a legal parking space.

Can wedding guests visit the Shove Chapel bell tower during the wedding time?
No one is allowed in the tower during the rehearsal or wedding ceremony. Visitors are very welcome at other times!

The chapel is not responsible for any personal items of the wedding party or guests, or decorations of the florist or rental company, that are left in the chapel.

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