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Religious Holiday Calendar

Colorado College strives to be a diverse community of discovery and learning. As such we create an environment that is open to and supportive of a wide range of religious and spiritual traditions. As part of this, CC encourages students, faculty and staff to be aware of and respectful of the diverse and religious observances of our community.

The calendar below contains many sacred, holy and religious holidays that are of importance to traditions represented campus, though it is not comprehensive. Suggestions for additions to this list may be directed to Chaplain Kate Holbrook.

Many religious dates are calculated from a lunar calendar. As such, there could be variation to when they begin and end. There may also be regionally variations. Many sacred and holy days of observance dates change each year which is helpful to note.

*Indicates the holiday begins at sundown on the first day indicated and will end on the last day at sundown.

**Holy days on which absence from work or school is common.

You can download the religious holidays for your Outlook calendar for Mac or PC below:

Religious Holidays Calendar.ics

Once you've downloaded it, double-click on it and it will open with your default calendar application.

2020-2021 Religious Holiday Dates

CC Block Date Religious Holiday Tradition
July 19* - July 20 Eid al-Adha Muslim
Aug. 11* - Aug. 12 Sri Krishna Jayanti Hindu
Block Break 1 Sept. 18* - Sept. 20 Rosh Hashanah Jewish
2 Sept. 20* - Sept. 21 Paryushana Parva Jain
2 Sept. 27* - Sept. 28 Yom Kippur Jewish
2 Oct. 2* - Oct. 4 Sukkot Jewish
Block Break 2 Oct. 17* - Oct. 18 Birth of Bab Bahá'í
Block Break 2 & Block 3 Oct. 17* - Oct. 24 Navarati Hindu
3 Oct. 31 - Nov. 2 Día de los Muertos Meso-American/Indigenous/Christian, Catholic
3 Nov. 1 All Saints Day Christian, Catholic/Protestant
3 Nov. 1 Samhain Wiccan/Pagan
Block Break 3 Nov. 12 Birth of Baha'u'Llah Bahá'í
Block Break 3 Nov. 14 Diwali Hindu-Jain-Sikh
4 Dec. 8 Bhodi Day Buddhist
4 Dec. 10* - Dec. 18 Hanukkah Jewish
Winter Break Dec. 21 Solstice, Yule-Litha Wiccan/Pagan
Winter Break Dec. 25 Christmas Christian, Catholic/Protestant
Winter Break Dec. 26 - Jan. 1 Kwanza African American
Winter Break Jan. 1 Gantan-sai Shinto
J Jan. 7 Feast of the Nativity Christian, Orthodox
5 Feb. 2 Imbolc Wiccan/Neo Pagan
5 Feb. 12 Chinese Lunar New Year Taoist/Confucian/Buddhist
5 Feb. 15 Nirvana Day Buddhist
5 Feb. 17 Ash Wednesday Christian, Catholic/Protestant
Block Break 5 Feb. 25* - Feb. 26 Purim Jewish
6 March 1 'AIá'(Month of Fasting) Bahá'í
6 March 15 Great Lent Christian, Orthodox
Block 6 March 21
Naw-Rúz and Nowruz
Bahá'í /Zoroastrian
Block Break 6 March 27* - April 4 Passover Jewish
7 March 29 Holi Hindu
7 April 4 Easter Christian, Catholic/Protestant
7 April 8 Visakah Puja Buddhist
7-8 April 12* - May 11 Ramadan Muslim
7 April 13 Vaisakhi Sikh
8 May 1 Beltane Wiccan/Neo Pagan
8 May 2 Orthodox Easter Christian, Orthodox
8 May 12* - May 13 Eid al-Fitr Muslim
May 29 Assencion of Baha'u'llah Bahá'í
A June 21 Solstice, Yule-Litha Wiccan/Neo Pagan
B July 19* - July 20 Eid al-Adha Muslim


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