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Admission Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors range in class year and interests and offer invaluable support to the Office of Admission. From helping greet visitors at the front desk of Cutler Hall to providing campus tours to helping with various events at Open Houses, Ambassadors are often the first face that visitors encounter when they arrive at CC. We encourage you to ask them questions about life as a student on the Block Plan!

Meet Our Team


Will Burglechner '23
Admission Ambassador Captain

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Major: Sociology and Theatre 
Favorite place on campus: The greenroom/script library in Cornerstone
If you were a kitchen item, what would you be? A fruit bowl. Its job is to sit and look pretty, and people come and fill it with food.


Fiorella Murillo Machado '23
Admission Ambassador Captain

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Major: Southwest Studies & Molecular Biology
Favorite place on campus: The Fishbowl
If you were a kitchen item, what would you be? I'd be a zester because I love to add flavor to everything!


Laila Pina '24
Admission Ambassador

Hometown: Richmond, VA
Major: Undecided
Favorite place on campus: The bean table overlooking the field with a view of Pikes Peak!
If you were a kitchen item, what would you be? French Press. Makes coffee, which fuels us for our days and it comes in so many colors! It gets the job done and it's versatile.


Anya Quesnel  '23
Admission Ambassador

Hometown: Port-of-Spain, Trinidad
Major: Creative Writing - Poetry
Favorite place on campus: Cossitt Hall
If you were a kitchen item, what would you be? I would be a salad spinner because salad spinners are fun. Either that or the entire space cupboard.

anu - 19

Anudari "Anu" Sharavdorj '22
Admission Ambassador Captain

Hometown: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Major: Economics
Favorite place on campus: Palmer Hall
If you were a kitchen item, what would you be? A cozy mug.

Georgia Van Der Linden

Georgia Van Der Linden  '24
Admissions Ambassador

Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Major: Neuroscience
Favorite place on campus: On top of the second floor of Tutt Library
If you were a kitchen item, what would you be? I would either be a blender because I like to mix things up, or tongs because they're the only utensil that are consistently brought outside and sometimes they get lost but always manage to show up when you need them. 


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